1. I am a Scorpio…I generally do not believe in that stuff however I fit the description to the last letter
  2. I am named after my grandmother and my godmother
  3. My dad died when I was 19, i grew up knowing he would pop his clogs
  4. I have travelled to 16 different countries so far
  5. I am terrified I mean SHIT TERRIFIED of Midgets and dwarfs
  6. I left home when I was 17 and promptly went to Australia
  7. I have bungee jumped..hungover…never again…even not hungover
  8. I am 5’11 ( actually 5’10 and 3/4 but who’s counting)
  9. I have lost a total amount of weight of 122 pounds over 2 years
  10. I am happiest falling asleep beside someone
  11. I sleep horribly when I am alone
  12. I secretly do want kids ..but only perfect ones Ha knowing my luck will get delinquents
  13. I am single but kinda hoping that changes in the near future as single does not suit me at all
  14. I have ridden and showed horses since the age of 6 or so …I used to be really good ..getting good again
  15. I have so many best friends I believe a person can have more then one and I am fortunate to have more then one
  16. I can only speak 1 language, English, and even that is a struggle sometimes
  17. I can drink a pint of larger in just over 9 seconds…theres classy for you
  18. I am a car fanatic in fact I could almost class myself as a petrol head , I love hot cars
  19. I never sleep in EVER I wake up before my alarm every single day without fail
  20. I am never late for anything, in fact I am the one that is annoyingly early
  21. I thought there was 16″ to the foot , turns out there are 12″
  22. I estimate the cost of making steel vessels for the oil fields , this made number 21 a very interesting fact lol
  23. I cannot wait to get married and have the most unreal wedding , like BIG BIG wedding
  24. I want to be rich , not a little rich but rich people
  25. I am allergic to Tomatoes but only in the raw state,cooked is safe raw is deadly
  26. I think about my Dad every single day and swear I can still hear him telling me off
  27. I lived in the UK for 6 years. I moved there with nothing and knowing no one
  28. I am having plastic surgery, tummy tuck
  29. terrified of IV needles, the others are not so bad but IV needles bring out a nasty side of me this will make 28 fun !
  30. My favorite flower ever are Gerber Daisies not roses or lilies but gerber daises, if a guy gets me them I am his !
  31. I am the ultimate romantic out there
  32. I adore cooking for people
  33. I am a trained journeyman Chef
  34. I was once kissed on the cheek by Mick Jagger at a Rolling Stones concert
  35. I have mnet Victoria and David Beckham when I worked for Manchester United, VERY nice people
  36. My nic names are: Weezy, Lou, Lou Lou and Blossom ( mum calls me that )
  37. My heros are my Mum and Dad
  38. I am secretly bursting with pride for my little sister and what she has done, she is still a Uber Bitch though
  39. I am also bursting with pride for my little bro, he is a shit head but kinda rocks a little
  40. I am a big deal and I like to think I always will be lol
  41. I have a birth mark on the inside of my arm, I thought it was dirt when I was a kid
  42. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth …sexy eh !? ha
  43. I tell myself everyday I am goodlooking and hot and stunning …i may not believe it but I say it everyday
  44. Most of my friends are guys , so much easier to deal with
  45. I used to be able to drink large amounts of booze…..not so much now
  46. My favorite smell is right after it rains and petrol ,…yes this is strange I know
  47. I live in a amazing house in the west end of Edmonton
  48. I cook … a lot
  49. I will not be here forever the west coast pulls my heart strings
  50. I am a news junkie I read the news constantly
  51. I could not function without music !
  52. I have tried a fair amount of “illegal” substances
  53. I was arrested in Amsterdamn and thrown in the drunk tank …i played cards with 2 spanish guys
  54. My first portiat as a baby was terrible my parents put a shirt on me reading …”Future Fox”
  55. The second was just as bad as it read ” Foxy Little Lady”
  56. The previous 2 scarred me for life
  57. I am a coffee addict I do not function without it at all
  58. My favorite drink is any type of red wine
  59. I no longer smoke !
  60. i believe in true love
  61. I have had the same reaccuring dream since i was 5, in fact there are 2 of them
  62. When I dream the above I am still 5
  63. I am 38 years old presently
  64. I fear being alone most
  65. I have a auto Immune disease that was genetically passed down to me from my mum …not her fault really
  66. I can ski, have done so since the age of 5
  67. I am Canadian and I live in Edmonton yet I have NEVER been to a NHL hockey game in my life …I want to !! ( this has changed I have now been )
  68. I have dual citizenship i was born in Canada and have british parents so hold both passports
  69. I want to have my honeymoon in the Sheycelles or Maldives for like 3 weeks !
  70. I have 1 cat named Hugo Chavez and another named Madeline Albright …notice the trend?
  71. I have 1 donkey that lives on our property named Eddie…his bray is kinda wonkie
  72. One of my Fav movies is Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle …watch it after smoking pot and u will understand ( so not my fav movie anymore lol )
  73. All time favorite movie is called Hope and Glory
  74. I read a book every 3 days
  75. I am shit with money
  76. I have 61 pairs of shoes …see number 75
  77. I have been cheated on horribly
  78. I have never cheated on someone ( that’s probably a lie now )
  79. Ihave slept with a married man though ( that is 100% true lol )
  80. I lost it on a pool table at 18 years old in Australia
  81. I like to think I am wonderful person and whom ever I end up with will always be happy with me
  82. I am a pleaser…I want to please people and make them happy
  83. I am freakin funny people…I make others laugh always
  84. I hate liver with a passion
  85. If I could travel the world for the rest of my life I would
  86. I am constantly bored, I need to keep myself busy otherwise I get restless
  87. I am in no way judgemental ever
  88. I have had a leg and bikini wax once …i only got 1 leg done and half the bikini …NEVER AGAIN
  89. Ihave no tattoos ( I have one now ! and three more to come ! )
  90. I am getting 2. 1 of my dads birthday signiture and wings and one of the maple leaf wrapped in the British Flag
  91. I am at peace when I am riding my horse through fields of snow
  92. I am at peace alseep with my head on boyfriends ( if i have one lol ) chest ( meh my bed is my bed no need for that chest to fall asleep on )
  93. I love watching TV I am not afraid to admit it I could become square eyed
  94. I always want to make people feel better when they are down sick or sad…I generally am sucessful
  95. I hate seeing people in pain
  96. I am the worlds problem solver….bring it to me and i will fix it
  97. I HATE GEORGE W BUSH The man is a fool a vegtable and a moron
  98. I am a politics junkie I love discussing it !!
  100. My nails are soooo fake !!
  101. I love me. I really do love me I think I am a brilliant person

2 responses

3 02 2008
Suburban Mum

Well done! 16″ in a foot, what are you like woman. Was it a man who told you that lol

4 02 2008

Yeah not one of my finer moments in life…But I am thinking if a man did tell me that it is due to the fact that I told him about number 42…I amthinking at that point a guy would tell me anything …that and I suck at math ! lol

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