Politics …. Yep broaching a subject normally avoided and Left to My little Sister to Deal With

27 04 2006

Oh my good lord for the first time in 5 years the political realm of the UK has become interesting to me.

So firstly it turns out that loads of convicted immigrants have been allowed to slip back into British society rather then slapping their thieving killing asses on the first flight back to their own country. How ?!? That is all I have to say on that How!

Secondly Patricia Hewitt announced that the last year was the best year ever for the NHS … Is the women on crack !!??? How can she say that ?? No answer it was a stupid thing to say ( I have a theory it is her dodgy freaky hair that makes her say these things ) But god love the nurses ! They had a big convention 2 days after the stupid statement and Ms. Hewitt decided in her infinite wisdom to go and talk to these people and tell them to wise up and stop complaining effectively??? So shocked she was not shot on the spot by the rioting nurses ha ha!!

Then the best thing ever happened ! John Prescott ( deputy prime minister) announced he had been having a affair with his diary secretary!! This is a picture of the married cheating bastard. Once you look at the picture you will see why this was so so so funny to find out about:

Do you see why now ????? He is one ugly mofo !!

Even better though was the comment from the fiancee of the women he cheated with : ‘ I can’t believe the person I was going to marry was sleeping with JOHN PRESCOTT!!!!!!!’

Personally if I was that guy ( no I am not a male and nor do I wish to be ) I would seek serious help to figure out where I was going wrong to drive my fiancee to sleep with John Prescott ??

There I have dived as far as I will go into the world of politics ( Be proud of me everyone )



25 04 2006

yes i know there are 2 entries with virtually the same shit in them but they both took time to write so they are both staying there !! so there

So Not Making a Effort !!

24 04 2006

Right this morning I spent ages writing out a post about how my sister was concerned about my hermit like habits of late. She then made a sweeping comment about making new friends. The post did not publish !!!!! so I am not making the effort to re type the whole damn freakin thing again. All I have to say is how exactly do I make new friends ?!?!?!?!?! I am usless at that I am actually a withdrawn person around people I do not know I get nervous and edgy I worry that I will say a terminally stupid thing ( this happens to me frequently )

I will say however I do understand the family concern over the hermit lifestyle at present and I will attempt to make a effort to think about making a effort to de – hermit myself promise.


Either they are both back or one has a new girlfriend and jesus were they making up for lost time last night !! Seriously you would have thought they had been in a nunary for the last 20 years and the end of the world was coming the way they were going. I have no idea how to rectify this situation now. I have already left a note for them a polite nice note. What do I do leave a note reading :


not very neighbourly that is it or very polite either ??????

The Need To Get out More

24 04 2006

Yes I know I need to get out more !!! I was told last night by my little sister that I need to get out more and make new friends !! It was like being in high school again. Honestly it is not easy when you are 27 to just make ‘ new friends’

I then started to think how the hell do I make new friends ??? I may come across as a fairly confident person at times but seriously I am not. Really I get nervous around people I do not know, I get edgy in larger crowds. I get the fear inside when in a crowd ‘ is everyone looking at me thinking , look at her standing there talking to NO ONE !!!! ‘ So to go out and make new friends is not easy for me at all.

I have found lately that I have become more and more reclusive. This has not been forced upon me. I have just decided sub consciously that I do not want to be social I like to be by myself I like not having to be nice to other people. But then on the other hand when I am alone I start to think ‘ oh my god my life sucks and I need to do something!!’
Its basically a catch 22 when you think about it.

So as much as I hate to say it or admit it Alex may be right. Maybe I do need to make more new friends. I have absolutely no idea how to do this but yes do need to make some and soon or being a hermit will become a permanent fixture in my damn life !! Any suggestions ???

( apologies for this very random ramble )
Note : Alex do not tell me again how crap my writing has been lately I do realize this it wil lget better I promise !!!

They are Back !!! Or at least One Is

18 04 2006

Yes the lesbian (s) are back. Not both though only one of them , the blonde one. So now I have a number of conspiracy theories:
1. The blonde has killed the brunette
2. The brunette has run of with a fellow brunette
3. The brunette was so sick of the blonde and feeling ‘ a lack of appreciation’ she topped herself
4. The fat cat ‘ Charlie ‘ clawed her to death as he was jealous and wanted in on the action

further updates to follow


18 04 2006

Now I say I need to get out now !! I will soon get so bad that I will have a calendar with X’s marking the days off unil I permently leave this over priced tiny little island.

My romantic notions of living in a foreign country are now completely out of my system. I have done what I came to do ( cause mayhem and reek havoc on the UK being two of them )

Honestly if it were at all possible I would actually go home now but alas it is not. I have to pay my car off another year of that, I do need to save some sort of money up to go home which if you know me is slightly impossible.

I have however been doing my homework and research in to the big migration back to the mother land of snow and ice.

I firstly have looked into my cat coming home and how much it will cost and was pleasantly surprised. Basically I have gone on the government website back home and because the UK is on the list of non rabies countries I only need a certificate from a government vet saying Cleo is not a rabid and crazed beast ( I will have to drug him for this as most will think he is rabied ha ha ).
I have also found out that it is not nearly as expensive as I had originally thought to fly him !!!
Air Canada only charge $150 one way so like £75.00 I was expecting at least £200 to £300 so was happy.

Have looked into international movers to ship stuff home and found one that will ship 2 largish boxes for £174.00 which is awfuleful. So yes the ball is rolling now. Also my best friAmandanada has agreed to let me rent a room from her for the last 2 -3 months so that I can sell off everything I want to sell including my bed and that way I do not have to woaboutbotu that eithSo. so leIst i have that to look forward to.

I wadmitmitt that yes I have been slightly depressed of late and have been terribly horribly homesick. I think the word depressed though is a stupid word because I am not depressed slash my wrist pray the world ends depressed. I am just really down and want to go hthat’shats it plain and simply

The Weekend and Updates on the Updates

10 04 2006

I would love to one day come on here and post this amazing post about my amazing and totally wicked awesome weekend…… But that is never going to happen as I have decided I am a hermit and I live a sheltered life kinda like a mushroom.

This weekend consisted of the following : Cat waking me up and stupid bastard 6 am on Saturday. At first I thought it was because I had not fed him but turns out there was food water and a clean litter tray. He just wanted attention some what like all males in this world. Went to the gym and flogged myself there. Honestly it was the hardest work out I have ever done no idea why I struggled but christ I did. To top of the uneventful day I placed 8 bets on the grand national race. I had a theory that the more bets I placed the more likely my horse would make it around the 4 mile course and 31 jumps. 3 of the 8 fell at the first fence, their blown out of the water. But I did get extremely excited as I had placed a bet of £1.00 each way on a horse called Inca Trail.Afterr the last jump he was in fourth and I lost it in my living room screaming at the telly. If he placed fourth I would have gotroughlyy 60 pounds !!!!! …….. He placed fith…. I was depressed and vowed never to bet on the ponies again.

The most exciting bit of my weekend was rearranging my bedroom.That’ss right folks I was excited and made up that I had done this.Itt was so nice I just wanted to go to bed then and there.

So there is the weekend …Itt sucked …Lifee kinda sucks …..Ohh well

Update on Update Number One :

I am still trying to quit smoking I will be honest and say I have the odd one but I am still trying hard. Work is easy and have no issues there. Driving in the car is not a problem anymore. However being home by myself on weekends particularly is fucking difficult !!! It did not help this weekend that I ran out of my little plastic pockets of heavensmotheredd innicotinee. I attempted to suck the life out of my inhaltor but damn I wanted to kill myself by Sunday night.

Update on the Lesbians :

THE ARE STILL GONE !!!! I HAVE PROPERLY DRIVEN THEM AWAY!! I AM SCARED OF MY OWN POWERS !! Honestly folks there has not been a peep from that flat . I am begining to worryaboutu them now. Maybe my letter hasdrivenn them to a noisy lesbiansuicidee pact maybe they have joined a cult……..Orr more logically maybe they are just on holiday ….Noo they have joined the damned cult I know they have …Alongg with their big fat cat Charlie ( wonder if he is a gay cat ???? )