Gainfuly Employeed

18 02 2007

Apologies for the recent absence. It has been a manic week and a half.

Firstly I was put ona temp job by mum which was not to bad although extremely BORING !! Played ruby receptionist for a week. Lord above it was soooo boring. Could do that all day.

But more importantly relating to the above tittle ….I FINALLY HAVE A FULL TIME JOB !!!! I am one happy lady right now. I got a call from another agency mum sent me to on Wednesday for a job they just got in asked ‘ was I interested?’ my response ( bored out of my tree at the time being Ruby Receptionist) was ‘ Hell yes please!’
I went for a short notice interview on the Tursday at noon and by Thursday at 4pm I had the job, turns out they liked me ha ha

So basically I am doing a similar job as to what I was doing at Belden. I am inside sales but not for a cable manufactoring company but for a major steel fabrication company. They make all the big vessels that are used up in the oil fields in Northern Alberta. It is a much smaller office then what i am used to, basically myself and one other who is my boss( she was really nice liked her) We are not even located in the main building where all the others are. We are in the back of one of the major shops in a tiny somewhat dirty office ( dusty due to the welding and metal) surrounded by welders everywhere, yes the vast majority are men, think there are about 3 women welders. When I had the interview they asked me how I would be in a very male dominated work enviroment, I said not a issue. They also warned that the boys tend not to be to politically correct, I said nor am I , think they liked that lol
So I start Tuesday morning ( Monday is a bank holiday in Alberta) and I am really looking forward to it.
I am making effectively more then I was in the UK at a job that I think I am going to like just as much as my UK one.
Will let you know how the first week went


Cameragate is Over…..I Have Pictures Finally !

4 02 2007

Yes you read correctly camergate is done and dusted
The secretly hidden camera cable has been found. I have no idea where it was. Basically mum went on one of her mad ‘ The clutter is getting to much for me’ swings. SHe started pulling things from shelves and presto there was the usb cable.

SO I have a huge amount of pics that I want to post however I have no idea which ones to put on first. Or if I should do them in groups and themes. So rather then stress over the decision ( yes I would stress out over such a tiny thing trust me) I am just going to put the ones I like best up. There will be no ryme or reason. There are New years ones, Skiing ones, Philapolooza 2006 ones, and Robbie Burns ones. So here we go people !!

Ricardo ( Brown Boy ) and Phil. Phil was back on leave from the Dutch Commandos in Afganistan. So the Boys decided that they would create the best damn party for any solider called…Philapolooza 2006. They even had shirts to wear with it printed on them ! Needless to say as you can see the amount of beer they drank that night made them all suffer endlessly for days !

‘ The Boys’ This was pre Phil arriving. George Brown Boy and I indtroduce to you Alan, otherwise known as dancer boy. Alan is a Ukranian dancer. Now to some you may thinking the dancing thing is uncool but I beg to differ. This would be how Alan picks women up. You ask how? Well when at a bar party or any alchol supplied event Alan does back flips all over the place. THE GIRLS LOVE IT!
George and myself pre New Years. We actually look pretty damn spiffy if you ask me !

The Bull! As stated in previous posts only in the province of Alberta is there a mechancial bull ! As you can see George was ridden that bitch like his life depended on it
George possibly drunk what do you think? Note the soaking wet hair, the untucked shirt, the belt that is well not really done up all that well and most importantly the open fly !
Think that will be all the pics I post for this entry. I will post more from skiing and Robbie Burns night later today or in the morning.

Want to Read a Good Book ?

2 02 2007

I read endlessly. I read at every possible moment I can. I can never get enough of it and consider this a acceptable and good addiction ( there are not many of these as I light yet another smoke ha !)
I am so addicted to my reading that on some occasions it can cause issues. For example, I cannot fall asleep at night unless I read. Unfortunately once I get hooked I cannot stop ( I get hooked easily by the way) and next thing I know it is like 3 in the morning and I am fighting of sleep like a 2 year old and drooling ever so slightly ( this could possibly explain why I am single ?) Even worse I insist upon reading even after coming home from a night out on the town. Now reading when drunk is not reccomended and there should be warnings on books for this! I have on many occasions started to read after unhealthy amounts of booze and well ended up hailing the white god in the bathroom due to the motion like sickness the reading causes. I have also while drunk realised I am attempting to read the book….upside down…I had problems with that one.

I got this obbsession for reading from my parents and I thank them for that. They took our TV away one year when we were kids when they realised that the TV was our god and we refused to work because of it. We came home one day and Dad had taken a knife to the cord….TV rendered dead ! We went without for almost a year. Of course I hated it at the time, but I look back now and think brilliant idea.
I had so many books in the UK. I had quickly realised I would not be able to bring them to Canada on my return. I had to sell those books ( damn I love ebay and the money I made from them) and it was hard. Nothing pleases me more then bookselves upon bookselves of books I have read and loved, the more the better.

So 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to read a book before seeing the movie. When I saw the adds
for The Children of Men I wanted to see that movie faster then you could say movie. But then I heard a radio ( another healthy addiction of mine, the radio) interview with the author of the actual book and thought hmmm reading that first. Listening to P.D James talk about it got me hooked and apperantely a whole lot of others hooked. I went the local library to get it out and was told there were 120 people ahead of me. I bought the book.
I bought it on the Friday night and Sunday morning I finished it I have never been so sad to finish a book as I was that one.

So if you want to read a book that grabs you from the beginning chucks you about a few times turns you into a drooling fool at 3 in the morning then this is the one. It is by far one of the best books I have read in such a long time.
Read it. Then tell me what you think I want to know what others think.