What I Did On My Summer Holidays

19 08 2007
So I am back all ( yeah there are like 2 of you that actually read and even then no one comments. But the blog helps in keeping my sanity sometimes ) I am posting twice today a happy happy post and a slightly down post. So getting the happy one done first …like to see you all flop in depression when you come off the high of a happy one lol )
I will be writing regularly now as think I really need to so I can get things off my chest and well just sound off.
So on with the happy happy post all. My best friend in the world has been over here from Peterborough for the last 3 weeks and I can safely say that they were some of the best 3 weeks of my life. We took him to our house on the west coast on Saltspring island. He fell in love with it. I am fairly sure he did not want to leave. Plus the trip made me fall in love with Saltspring all over again. See this is the place where mum will retire to when she sells the house here in Alberta. It pains me to think about the house being sold but after spending time on the island the pain slightly eased up.
So I am going to attach pics for you all to see:
Our beach at sunset. love it here very pretty and calm
We took a seaplane to Vancouver sooo cool
Mase giving evils to yet another pic !

“i cush your head” canadians will get this from kids in the hall Bro George and friend Allan stargazing on beach

The top of Mt. Maxwell looking out over Gulf Islands

Mase and I on the deck of Saltspring house

The entire group of us on a night out together




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