Have you Ever Longed for Something to Happen ….NOW!!!

31 08 2007

Well have you ? Have you ever dreamed that thing has happened ? Have you ever woken up in the morning think that dream is real?
Then have you realized after that few seconds of happy sleepy just woken up time that it all just came crashing down round your wrinkled and tossed up bed at the realization thatin fact you were dreaming ??
Well I have and I keep doing it every single god damn morning for the last week ! I am not sleeping well. I am going to sleep each night with the last concious thought being of that and then realizing if I make it my last thougt it only means I am going to dream about it …again but at that point it is to late the seed has been planted.

So this is the thing all: My friend from the UK who you have all ready about is seriously considering imigrating over here to Canada. In fact I think he has pretty much made up his mind. I want him to be sure he is making a good judgement call for himself. I know he is but he needs to realize he is it is not for me to decide or sway him ( inside I am screaming MOVE NOW DAMMIT ! )
So I have been doing all this research for him. OH MY GOD ! It is sooo hard to get in this damn cold country lol. He actually completely qualifies for a skilled worker however it is a min 5 year wait!!!
There is a much easier option which is a PNP ( Provincal Nomination Plan) basically if he gets a job offer from a company here and the province agrees that it is a under pressure career and they have exhausted all avenues to find a employee then they can hire him. It takes as little as 6 months but the normal time length is roughly 10 – 12 months !
This is a good thing. Finding a mploer willing to go through the paper work is the hard thing.
So for now that longing feeling will have to just stay put as there is nothing I can do about it. It is out of my hands
Anyone got a job going ??




4 responses

3 09 2007

It would be REALLY easy for him to emigrate if he married you!!!! 🙂

3 09 2007

I so so knew you of all people would say that to me lol lol !!!
But I have heard even thrn its hard?? I mean we never lived together oh and there is tiny thing of needing to get a anualment on his first marriage lol

4 09 2007

Yeah probably not a great idea, whole ‘Green Card’ situation and all.

It was actually really easy and quick to get Mark’s permanent residency though.

4 09 2007

you know i think what is the killer is the 5 min year wait for skilled workers right now I mean that is just silly !
But if he can come in to alberta on the provincal nomination plan for careers under pressure then would no ttake more then a year so will see what happens lol

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