Story of My Weight Loss

31 01 2008

I was asked from a blogging friend of mine, Emma , to tell the full story of my weight loss and plastic surgery. I am thinking she wants to know how it came about, how I did it and what it was really like ! She asked for it now she gets to find out ( apologise if you find this terribly boring and long winded but its my blog so suck it up people ha ! )

 I made the decision about 2 years ago that enough was enough and I need to get my health and life back to a normal balance. There was no serious trigger or near death health scare that did it. It was simply that I was feeling older then a 26 year old women. I had sore joints and my sleep was shockingly bad. I will say it effected my self esteem and my self image as well. Also what got me on the road was my mum. She is coming on 60 and about 11 years ago she went on a  health kick and now looks like a 50 year old and has done a brilliant job. I was of the thought that if mum could do this at her age then I could shift my incredibly fat ass into any gear but neutral!

 This is a warts and all post and a bare the sole post. So in the interest of that statement here is what my weight was when I started this : ……..340 lb…god that is painful to write and scary to look at …which is a good thing as it will never happen again in my life time.

So yeah I went to my Doctor and said look lets get this ball rolling  “HELP ME !!! NOW!!” and he did. He made me do a food journal for a week. It was scary as shit. I did not necessarily eat terrible things or even bad things. I just ate the wrong way and did not physical activities. I also went for 8 days yes 8 entire days without drinking water people. I lived of diet coke coffee and booze lol !!

I was put on to a nutritionist and the doctor started me on a pill call orlistat or xenical. It effectively did not allow my body to breakdown fat , literally in one end out the other with terrible consequences and damn it worked! I was on them for 10 months.  The nutritionist set me a menu and it was bring I am not going to lie but it was what I needed to start out with. I went to the gym signed up that day and got a trainer.

My first gym visit was terrifying and nerve racking. I felt like a imposter or just another fat girl that’s going to “try this exercise shit out and give up in a week” I felt out of place and like i did not belong there. I lasted 20 minutes and thought i was going to die from lack of breath and sheer pain. But I kept going I kept being stubborn about it and just did it. Just so you know I now go to the gym for between 1 – 2 hours I run and row 6 miles in total a day and lift weights every day. I have to change my program a lot as i am that fit now it is not as challenging. This proves if you stick to it, it will get better.

In those 10 months I lost a total of 85 pounds. The first 3 months were the most drastic at 35 pound weight lose. the remaining 8 months has been slower and less lose a total of 30 pounds. But it has also been 8 months of building muscle up and toning which accounts for the lack of weight drop.

What this did leave me with though was the dreaded “Apron of skin ” I have lost so much weight that my skin will not “bounce back flat” lol it just stayed where it was. This was a MAJOR ego crushing issue for me. I had spent all this time losing weight and yet in my eyes ( not in others as i constantly get comments about my waist line being smaller and looking great) I was still at square one! So my mother kindly offered to pay for plastic surgery to have a Abdominoplasty otherwise known as a “tummy tuck” because she knew what it was doing to my self esteem. I will be forever grateful to my mother for doing this for me.

So I finally got into the surgeon and as said before he examined me listened to my story and proceed to tell me this: I am a ideal candidate for this surgery, I have done nothing wrong in my weight lose and I should be proud of what I have achieved. He told me that for my height and build I am NOT over weight now. He said that once I have the surgery I will go down to a size 12/14 or smaller within a year. The actually procedure will NOT make me lose more weight. The only weight I will lose is the skin which is minuscule in comparison at 2 – 5 kg. I will however lose more weight after the surgery. My current weight is sitting at 233 lb. Once this is done and by this time next year I will be at my ideal weight of 170 -180 lb. I say I will because I know I will I am going to be there and that is the end of that story !

So there you go there is my weight lose story. This was one of the hardest most testing things I have done. I have done a lot in my life. I have travelled the world I have had surgeries on my ankle I have been through self esteem knocking events. I have out lived my father and I can safely say this part of my life was damn hard. But it was completely worth every ache every knock every single spilt tear. I say this to others that read this that have never had weight issues: NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE WHO MAKES THE EFFORT TO BETTER THEIR LIFE. If you do that then very bluntly you are a piece of shit simply put. No one in this world has the right to make someone feel lesser then they are as a person and a human being because of their physical appearance. It is a hard thing to deal with. You go through a gammit of emotions particularly as a women. You feel unwanted and un loved. You look at couples and are of the belief that you will never be part of a couple, that no man would want you. You walk into stores and feel as though the entire world is mocking you with there smaller sized very cool cloths. You go to a gym and feel so awkward in your own skin as you believe that everyone is staring at the fat sweating person in “their” gym.

To the people who are and were like me. You can do this trust me I know. I am the worst procrastinator on this earth and I DID IT which means you can. There are NO quick fixes there are NO miracle diets. You eat healthy ( 3 meals a day ) you drink water and you WORK OUT and if you do this you will get there I can promise you that in any heartbeat

You can do this


Did You Always Know What You Wanted Out of Life ?

30 01 2008

( Yes I am posting loads today just so you know lol )

So have you always known what you wanted out of life? I mean lifestyle, Career, Home, Marriage etc. I can safely say that I did not always know what I wanted. 3 years ago it would have been as simple as a rockin night out with friends at a unreal club. I was happy if I had a good time and that pretty much summed up what I wanted.

That’s changed though, something clicked in me like a internal clock screaming advising me ” Hmmm excuse me …knock knock..time to grow up Louisa !! ..NOW !” and that was it the switch was flicked and what I wanted became very clear and precise to me.

Some people will not admit to what I want for fear of being considered shallow, I will admit to what I want out of my life because guess what …its my god damn life you know!?

I want to have this incredible home to live in like this

I want the place that people leave and are all like ” lucky cow she has landed in the most amazing home ! “I want the living room looking over the river valley and the room that has a treadmill in it that i can work out in. I want to have the most amazing walk in closet and a UNREAL bathroom ( steam shower included please? lol)  I want to be envied that a bad thing?

I want to have the most amazing wedding…seriously nothing understated what so ever ! lol I want it big and fun and grand and I do want to spend a fortune on it and my damn dress ..anything wrong with that ???

I want to say I went on my honeymoon in the Maldives or Seychelles in the Indian ocean. Some where like this

why would I want to go to somewhere I have been before when I can go to a paradise that is just that a untouched paradise to celebrate whats going to be a pretty big damn moment in my life.

I want to be rich. There I said it out-loud …sort of lol ! But seriously I am not going to lie and say I want to be “comfortable” or live with “minimal worries” I am going to be truthful I want to be damn rich people. I am of the belief that if you do not vocalize what you want you are never going to get it. If you do not speak of it well come on is it ever going to happen?

I want the family with the big house and insane holidays. Anyone who says they never want this is not being truthful I believe that deep down everyone wants something I mentioned above in one form or another.

So be truthful with yourself, what do you want out of your life? What aspirations and dreams do you want to come into a real life fulfillment ? Say it out-loud , speak about it, vocalize it and write it down. The minute you do that is the minute it is no longer a dream but a very good potential reality for you

Another Music Review for You All

30 01 2008

So I have been a bit lazy busy recently and have been slow on my posts. Now that I have my new look though I am back on the writing track guys.

I had to make my first big post on here about the new music I am currently addicted to curteosy of my little brother George.

He hates it when I get hooked on “his” music as in his words ” he spent a freakin long time tryin to find these bands and now you are stealing them!” I advise him to consider it a form of flattery and musical education for me 🙂 ….he still thinks I am stealing of course lol

So yeah this weekend we went skiing ( will post pics later) to Jasper and I downloaded ALL of G’s musics ( 2200 song baby hahaha ) One band in particular stuck with me and I think you will agree they quite simply rock.

The band is called The Postal Service.

The lead singer is actually from one of my other top bands Death Cab for Cutie, so I knew as soon as I found that out I would like this group no matter what.

it is kind of hard to describe the music that they play for you . I think it is best to say it is electronic on a softer warmer front. It is the ULTIMATE chill out and relax music but at the same time makes you want to move which seems counter productive but it is kinda fun people lol

I have a instant love for the track “Such Great Heights” and I will tell you to make it the first track you listen to when you get this album as it will set the tone of what is to come from the rest of it. “The district sleeps tonight” is second favorite.

They have also done a brilliant and unreal cover of “Take a look At Me Now” originally done by Phil Collins. This is the song I row to at the gym as it is just contagious and infectious and I love it.

So if you want a album that is great for every single mood you are in then this is the one people. This is the album to listen to when you are getting ready for a insane night out on the town. This is the album you listen to when you are working/studying. This is the album you fall asleep to and wake up to. It is that good. So yes little bro I am stealing your music and I love it ! So have to say thank you for a introduction into a great band who I will have a life long love for I think !

The New Me ! :-)

30 01 2008

So boys and girls i was pestered convinced finally by my friend Suburban Mum to jump the blogger ship and hit up wordpress. I am a techno fool …seriously I suck. So I always had this fear that terrible evil things may begin once i messed with what I understood, which was blogger. But Suburban Mum being the techno savvy girl she is calmed my fears and said she would do it all for me and that nothing evil or world ending would happen…..guess what she was right !!!!!

So I am now a revamped new bloggin me. I am happy needless to say. You must know I am happy because I am literally spewing sugar over the internet to you now as I type this I can actually feel my teeth rotting from the sugary happiness I currently feel ….its the little things…yes my life can be this boring and dull at times ….yes I am working on making my life less dull and boring people ….THIS ROCKS PEOPLE !

I am Materialistic and Proud People

24 01 2008

I am going to go on a bit of a rant today …just fore warning you all ok!

I am of the belief that wanting things for you, material things, is not being materialistic. For reasons unknown to me some people are of the belief that if you want these things you are someone of low moral standing or materialistic! I have sooo many issues with that.
If I want to live in the big house or uber cool condo or if I want to have the range rover and the state of the art gadgets does that make me a bad person?! I THINK BLOODY NOT PEOPLE!
They say that money does not buy you happiness and I agree with that however I am believe that it most certainly makes you happy. It makes you feel as though you have accomplished something in your life. It makes you self worth and self esteem rocket through the roof. In my eyes this is a good thing people.
So I am proud to admit I want those things. I want to be able to just go away for a weekend to Vegas or to San Francisco because I simply can afford to do that. I want to be able to go into a store and pick the nicest furniture not the furniture that I can afford but the furniture I want. I see no issue in being proud of excelling financially and materialistically. It does not make me a lesser person or someone of low moral standings. In fact it makes me an ambitious and self thriving self rewarding person and there is nothing wrong with that.
Do not get me wrong I do want the little things in life to make me happy. A book to read on a Saturday afternoon in the winter. Breakfast in bed on a Sunday from the guy I love. Curling up on the couch and vegetating for hours with that guy. These are things that do not cost money and make me happy. But of course knowing I am secure in my future that I am able to get what I want out of life helps in everyway to make me a sane high self esteemed girl.
So you know I take issue with people that look down upon others that make something for themselves, in my eyes it is a form of jealousy. Rather then being a jealous person why not spend your energy on striving for those things you want out of life rather then wasting the precious energy you have in down playing what others have done for themselves!
Rant done

Yes people The Lazy one Has Returned :-) I know you Missed me ! ha !

23 01 2008

Ok now for the big amazing spinning my world around news guys. I have finally got my self booked in for my plastic surgery. For those of you who do not know this is the back story to it all. I have spent 18 months of hard times and work losing weight. I need to make it clear that I was not doing this out of social pressures to be thin or to fit in. I was doing this for myself and for myself to be health, So my total weight loss currently stands at 110 pounds I have gone down from a size 24 to a size 18/16. I have lost untold inches everywhere and I am damn proud of myself as is my family and friends. So after all that I had let’s say “skin issues”??? So the only way to solve that and bring me down to my true size(12/14) was a tummy tuck. After 6 months of waiting for one of the best surgeons in Edmonton I got in. He took one look at me listened to my story and then promptly informed me I was a prime surgery candidate and that the results will be remarkable ! So I go under the knife on the 7th of May. I will be off work for 12 days and off riding duties and gym for 6 -7 weeks ( boohoo! ) I will have a scar from hip to hip on my bikini line and I will be in pain …but it is worth it. I do regret a few things though. I regret not having a boyfriend before hand. You are asking why now aren’t you ? It is very simple really, I wanted to be sure that whom ever I start dating is dating me for me not for the new thinner tighter ab’s covered me. I am worried I will only attract a guy who wants as stated before “ Barbie” or cheerleader” or “stupid” none of which I am people !!! I am of the mindset that if you cannot accept me for all my faults and flaws now then bugger it not worth my time. But you know that is how life rolls I guess and you just have to go with what is thrown you way.
So either way all my hard work has finally paid off and let me tell you when this is all done ….I AM SHOPPIN MY SKINNY ASS OFF PEOPLE !

I am now riding a stunning new mare that my friend Aron has lined up for me. I adore riding her and I think that this partnership is going to go a long way. We seem to suit one another and she challenges me which is what I need in a horse. I am now riding at very private and exclusive stables where she is living and where Aron is as well. I have to say I feel like a bit of an imposter when I am there and as though I am imposing on people. However this will vanish within time and I will get comfortable and settle in. Rode last night properly for the first time with Aron in YEARS ! It was like being 12 all over again and so strange. But best of all Aron gave me a mini lesson and I can safely say the girl ROCKS! She had me thinking about my seat about how I was asking the horse and making the horse move. In those short 20 minutes or so I learnt huge amounts So I cannot wait for a full lesson from her and to basically suck her knowledge in like a sponge ( I am very sponge like people just so you know ! )

So as said before I am off to Jasper for my first skiing of the season. I am super stoked for both the days of skiing and the crazy ass nights at Pete’s in Jasper and the Gallon of beer policies !! There will of course be a shed load of pics for you all !!