One of Lifes Little Mysteries

12 02 2008

So as you may have noticed below I had written about well what could simply described as my sheer singeldom dislike of the so called holiday that is Valentines Day.

Wellllll……. I came home tonight after riding the lovely Sonnet at the stables and was feeling a little shattered a little run down and just a little “down”. I was sitting on the couch checking my daily emails which daily consist of shit and junk, not so tonight all. Tonight I received a anonymous Valentine ! I am so freaking deadly ass serious ! It had one of my favorite songs to it , Fields of Gold by Sting, and the key words were ” My heart is yours” and then underneath ” please be careful with it”

GOD DAMMIT WHO SENT THIS TO ME!!! if it is someone I know then they know I cannot handle mystery suspense or surprise for Christ sakes i steam my Christmas presents open most years!! And if it is not someone I know is it a serious valentine like a secret admirer or something ??

This by the way has never happened to me….someone sent me I mean ME a Valentine !!! Go figure ????………:-))


Being Single on Valentines Day …

12 02 2008

You know I could not let the dummiest stupidest commercial idiotic day day of hearts candy and love pass by with out having a rant about it…sorry welcome to the mind of a single almost 30 year old women people suck it up and read about it… there

So yeah Valentines day. Yep I feel a little sick in my mouth every-time I have to say it or type it. There is no urban myth about this day and single people in particular single women. The day is the shittiest day in creation if you are a single women. It is shittier then spending Christmas or New Years alone. At least with those days friends call you and wish you merry Christmas and happy new year. Friends buy you lovely presents. On Valentines day …its like you have TB or the Plague…” No one go near the single person it could be contagious!!! steer clear!!”

The funny thing is I am not a overly sentimental person or even HUGELY romantic . I like the gesture and the thought behind someone doing something special for you. I also have to be the only single women in the world that seriously has never received chocolate nor flowers on Valentines day …I am so serious when I type that. I am 29 years old have dated fairly frequently and been in long term relationship since the age of 18 and I have NEVER received either of them from a guy …crushing

But you know what Valentines day is one day out of 365 of them. It is a single day and it should not be the single day in the year that single people feel like losers and leper’s.

So this year I am going to ignore it. I am single I have struck out as yet to find the elusive and foreign creature that is a boyfriend BEFORE the dreaded V day. So I will laugh on Valentines days I will not be all sad and pathetic ( OK maybe I will be just a tiny bit but its not like I would actually show that vulnerability to any tom dick and harry) I will pretend that this is just February 14th 2008 the 29th one I have lived through on this earth. It is just a day in a slew of other days.

P.S yes secretly I would love to be someones Valentine and yes I would love to get candy and flowers and adoration …am I going to get it …Hmmm I am thinking some how not likely

Amy Winehouse and The Grammy’s

11 02 2008

Last night I will fully admit that the number one reason I watched the Grammy’s was not for the awards nor for the various artist that would appear but solely for Amy Winehouse.

I watched it to see if first she would actually show up at the Venue in London to play her set and secondly if she would be any good.

She shocked and surprised me on both fronts. She showed up looking semi with it and she was simply amazing in her ability to sing and perform.

 I have what you could call a love/hate thing with Amy Winehouse. I hate her for what she is doing and putting herself through. For what she currently represents and for not being able to recognize, until recently, what a train-wreck her life currently is.

I love her for the fact that the voice that comes out of that tiny 24 year old is a old souls voice. It is a voice that raises the hairs on my arms and makes me love the fact that she is not in the mold of bubble gum manufactured crap pop music.

I love her for the fact that she sings about her life and by doing so puts herself out there on a limb warts and all. Now weather she does out of artistic genius or because of her own self destructiveness I do not know. I just know I love it.

I thought she was incredibly brave to go ahead and sing her 2 songs last night ” I told you I was Trouble” ( damn she is trouble in every sense of the word) and Rehab ( although she sings no no no she has been in it and good on her)

She was rocky to begin with when she opened with ” I told you I was Trouble” but when she got in to the sing of Rehab there was a glint and a cheekiness in her eye that proved to me for at least that moment she was of clear mind and as clean as someone like Amy at this point can be clean. She had the guts to get up there in-front of what was effectively the world and sing Rehab.

I have to give the Grammys credit for giving her the awards she received and in my eyes rightly deserved. I have been reading the various ” American” news sites today and the comments made on the articles about Ms Winehouse and I have to say what a bunch of fools. They award these Grammys not for being a good person or a productive member of society but for good music. They award them for producing music that could possibly be timeless and in my eyes that is exactly what her music has the potential to be…timeless.

So I can only hope for the sake of Amy Winehouse that she sorts herself out personally and cleans up as I believe if she does this girl has a career in the music industry that can only be described as history making and with the word longevity. If she does not sort herself out she will go down in history as the dead girl who had the potential to change the music industry and world with her old soul music mixed with a new vibe sound and feel.

So I say congratulations to her and I wish her nothing but health and future success in her already amazing yet tarnished music career…scary that she is only 24 years of age

Oh And By The Way….

8 02 2008

THERE IS NOTHING MORE I HATE THEN THE SILENT TREATMENT ! Thats not true I do not like midgets more then the silent treatment but thats because they scare me. The silent treatment does not scare me it pisses me off.

I hate it when I am getting to know someone and then ….silence…pure annoying pissing me off silence.


Like I said its going to be a bad day people

A Sure Sign the Day will Go Downhill Rapidly

8 02 2008

A sure sign that my day is effectively going to blow dead goats is the following:

I toast a lovely looking rasin bagel. I then put some equally lovely peanut butter on said WARM and toasted bagel. Wrap it up in paper towel to make the trek back to my hole in the wall shit box office again equally lovely office. As I walk I am getting strange looks for welders and office people. Said welders and office people failed to mention to me that with every bouncy step I was taking said lovely peanut butter was dripping out of the bagel, down the paper towel and right down the front of my really nice red puffer vest, leaving a lovely greasy peanut buttery trail down the front of me

Yep this day suck people

My Cat …Yes thats Right I am Writing about My Cat

7 02 2008

I know I have the potential of being classed as that typical “cat lady” when i write this…..but damn I love my cat.

 My family has always had the tradition of naming our animals after political leaders…yep that’s right political leaders. We have had Fidel Castro, Benizir Butto, Margaret Thatcher, Indura Ghandi and many many more. Our latest editions are: Hugo Chavez and Madeline Albright.

Hugo is who I am writing about today. This cat is a character I mean a serious player in the personality department. I had to write about what occurred this morning as I was getting ready for work.

I was standing in the bathroom ( half awake due to the fact that it was 5:30 in the morning !) brushing my teeth. I looked down to the doorway and there sat the new kitten, Madeline, and our old ginger tom, Dikker, both looking rather bemused. All of a sudden literally out of no where there is orange ball of fury rushing into the bathroom at warp speed and before i could stop him , Hugo by the way, he jumped or attempted to jump over the open toilet and into the bath tub…he misjudged the distance…badly…he landed right in the toilet bowl! He sat there for a minute as if to say ” what just happened..why am I wet…where am I ???!!” He then jumped out dripping wet attempted … run out as he slipped all over and all the while the other 2 were sat there looking at him then at one another as if they were saying ..” What a dickhead!” I meanwhile was in absolute fits of laughter thinking what is wrong with this cat.

Mornings appear to be his favorite time of day, he is rank in the mornings. He runs up and down and the down and up the 3 flights of stairs every morning all the while his little bell on his collar tinkles away.

After the toilet “incident” i went about my routine and eventually got to feeding all three and sat down for my breakfast. We have to feed Hugo and Maddy their food on the mantle due to the fact that Dikker is a giant pig and eats everyones food …. trust me when I say he has no requirement for it and has been on a diet for 3 years to no success! So we have a chair there for Hugo to jump up to get to food. As I was eating my breakfast I heard him ripping his way down the stairs at speed flying across the tiled floor at speed and completely ! miss-judge where the chair was and run RIGHT into the cabinets ! I mean hard ! At speed ! He plopped on his ass sat there and shook his head…I am pretty sure he has a concussion of some sort and to be frank I really believe it is highly unlikely that he has damaged his brain as I am of the belief there is nothing there most of the time.

So there is my cat …a complete character and sheer entertainment for hours and hours of fun !

Black Man or White Women

5 02 2008

That is effectively the question being asked of Americans at present. Do you want a black comparatively young man leading your country OR do you want a White experienced women leading your country?

This is one of the rare American elections that has absolutely grabbed my attention. I mean think about it: A country that has both deep seated racial tensions and quite frankly can be a very male dominated chauvinist driven country and they have a black man and a white women battling it out to lead their country.

They both face very similar barriers as well when you really look at it. Both are in a minority in the sense that there has never been a black contender like Obama and there has never been a white women let alone a women a contender like Hillary running for the presidency.

I can safely say I have found it absolutely enthralling to watch both candidates duke it out in the debates the primaries and on the campaign trail.

I have my own beliefs of who I wish to win this ultimately and that is Barrack Obama. I think it would be truly history altering if he were to be come the American president after the moron currently in office George W Bush. A true Texan basically.

I think he is the one candidate that is not just promising change but bloody DEMANDING it in his country. I believe he will do this, he will change in time the image his country currently holds in the rest of the world.

He has things going against him. Mainly his own race. The fact that black voters are not voting for him because they do not like him but because they cannot actually bring themselves to believe a black man can lead their country has to be both disheartening and a sheer letdown for Obama.

In the same light Hillary has her issues. Firstly I am of the belief that a fair few female American Voters will NOT vote for her because they see her as weak for staying with Bill after the whole “I did not sleep with her” thing! Also I do believe Bill is becoming increasingly a hindrance to her campaign. As Obama had said in a recent debate ” I do not know who I am actually running against ; Bill or Hillary” She needs to rein in her husband smart quick

Either way I am of this belief. Which ever one of them prevails should for there own good the countries good and for the sheer history of it make the other the vice president. Imagine it a white women and a black man leading the United States of America ….seems impossible doesn’t it ?