My life So far for you all …

30 04 2008

Now that I have done my proof of life post here is what the rest of my life has been like.

 I am good well as good as I can be ha ! I am never overly satisfied with my lot in life so I am likely always able to find something to complain about ha !

Life in general has been good though. I am exatly 7 days away from my tummy tuck. I have gone between being scared as shit to utter happiness to ” what the hell am I doing this for !?” and that is basically in a 5 minute time span…how bad is that ! Either way though its paid for and I am ready for it in so many ways. The last 2 years of slogging it away at the gym and constantly thinking i was just doing it for nothing is finally being validated by this surgery. You know what I do not care any longer if people agree or disagree with my choice to have this done to myself as I think basically ..screw you if you do not agree!

I am riding Sonnet the horse like no ones business right now because due to the surgery I will not be able to ride for at least 2 months and to me that is a fate worse then death. I realise the majority of you know nothing about horses let alone have ridden as I have but imagine it this way : someone tells you that you phsyically are not able to do what you are most passionate about …kinda sucks now that you think about it doesn’t it ! but damn once I am back to fighting fit riding is going to be amazing on so many levels !!

Still single …yep thats not changed in liek 2 years really has it people! but it is not the end of the world. Although i went to dinner with a old friend of mine the other week and they asked me what I miss most about being in a relationship and I did not even need to think about it. I think most people would say hot sex however as much as I do like that it is actually something very very simple. I miss falling asleep and waking up beside someone ….i hate doing that alone it really sucks. If you have someone you go to bed with every night or even most nights and wake up to them ,…. do not take advantage of it or not realise how lucky you really are because that rocks in my books …ok so does hot hot sex but whatever can’t have it all can ya ! ha !

Thats about it really ohhhhh aside from the fact that I was told i was fairly hot the other week ….seriously someone told me ( a man not a women or a imaginary friend ) that i was hot pre surgery !! so cool !! after surgery it will be off the hook. That and I am getting proffesional pictures taken by my best friend Arons photogragher. She has the most amazing pictures and if I can get half the sex appeal she manages to ooze in my pics i will be a happy hot girl HA!!

thats all …for now …. missed me really didn’t ya ?! ….. i know you did !


A post Just for Suburban Mum …she soooo wants to kill me !

30 04 2008

Ok so i have been terrible , and bad, and not good at all on the blog front. I know for a fact that SM wishes to kill me for simply not posting !

Life has been hetic and manic and that is why the whole posting thing has kinda been left to the side for ohhh about a month.

Ok so yeah proof of life….yep I am not dead yet sorry let some of you down. Still alive and kicking and just as snappy as ever people !!