Nothing Better then Finding a good read on the Net !

13 06 2008

About 2 years ago I had found a website via another website that I quite frankly fell in love with. I had blogged about it then but I thought I would blog about it again just for the sheer shits and giggles of it all.

The website is called True Wife Confessions and it can be found in my blog roll. It is unreal and maybe slightly sad and scary as well.

The premise is that women write in and confess all. It could be as simple as I forgot to take the garbage out AGAIN or as scary as “would you please stop beating me I cannot take it anymore”, and although that is scary it is life and it is on this site warts and all.

It is voyeuristic in nature and kinda like peaking through the net curtains at others lives and tribulations. The women that write in never seem to give there names (go figure) and they are known as confession “insert number of confession”

I love it when I find a blog that I cannot seem to stop reading it is both riveting and emotional to read. It pulls at your heart strings and will simply make you snort coffee out of your nose at vast speeds at some of these seemingly insane yet valid confessions.

So if you want a good read please hope on over to True Wife Confessions and have a look let me know what you all think



The New Me!

10 06 2008

 This is a long over due post which I know I have been so lazy about and frankly avoiding as well.


 Firstly the surgery……went incredibly well!!! I could simply not be happier with how it has all turned out!!

I will give you the oh so gory details to browse over:


1.5 hours under the knife (asleep lol)

Same day surgery, went in at 7:00 am was home by 1:00 pm

An incredible 10llbs of skin removed from my massive weight loss

Dropped almost 2 dress sizes since then

Percoset is my friend!

Pain was minimal

Was back into work on day 12 and felt pretty good

The incision is amazingly low and in no way freaks me out

I LOVE my belly button lol

Total weight loss since surgery is almost 30 lbs. due to metabolism changing!


All of the above equals one hell of a happy me!


Now to the emotional side of it and yes there is one of those sides. I am almost in awe of myself every morning right now. I have no recollection of what it is like to not have “loose skin” I have no memory left in me of what it felt like to have a flat tummy. I love it but at the same time I am almost conscious of it I am so very aware it is there now!


 I will say my confidence is through the roof I have never felt like this. I can now wake up every single damn morning look at myself in the mirror and say “Holy crap you lady are kinda hot”

 But this is what is driving me mad .…. I want to get in the gym and just rip myself up with muscle tone and fitness but unfortunately I am not allowed near a gym for a entire 6 weeks from surgery date ( May 7th) so I have 1 more week left of being stir bloody crazy ! The other no go area is riding Sonnet! That has actually been the hardest thing because when I ride her I feel incredible and it is my way of relaxing again though 1 week and I get the all clear for that


 It pains me to say that society does not notice people that are even remotely over weight particularly my age group. Before surgery I am of the belief that I rarely got a second look or checked out on the street. Did it bother me?? Yes of course it did! Did I ever show how much it bothered me? NEVER!

Now though it is so different. So far I have been hit on at the bank, gas station and unbelievably at a set of lights while driving??? WTF! I admit to loving it but at the same time I actually have no idea how to handle it. It is a foreign thing for me, it is like that thing you almost lust after but when it happens to you your like a deer in the headlights!!!


 Socially I am feeling slightly awkward and out of place. Firstly because I am carrying myself so much more differently and it is kinda confusing mentally. Secondly I am appearing to be losing touch with my friends and I cannot give you a reason as to why. I think my emotions are slightly heightened after all this happening so I am that much more sensitive …I do not know why I think I am losing that touch but it is a feeling that’s all and I am sure that is partly due to me shutting down slightly trying to wrap my head around all this change going on.


 So the main thing is this: the surgery is by far one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life. It appears to be the thing that has filled that missing link I needed. It has made me realize who and what I am. I know this may be an odd statement considering it is plastic surgery and so therefore means I physically changed myself and what I am all about, but what I physically changed was not me it did not represent who I am. Now that I have had it done I now know who I am properly I have a confidence that is simply not just bravado anymore or a front or a self defense tool. It is now simply that an amazing and over powering confidence I knew was deep within me and just needed bringing out