The New Year …The New Me ….Maybe ….

29 12 2008

 I have never been the person that makes new year resolutions simply because I believe if you make that resolution you are destined to fail…may sound negative but I think it is logical thinking.

But what I make sure I do at new years is set myself goals or set myself parameters that I need to stay in or need to reach. This year is no different and I have set some big ones and a few little ones as well.

 Firstly in past years I have said I hop enot to be single, or I will try not to be single. Yeah totally not saying that this year. This year I am saying I WILL NOT BE SINGLE. I have no desire to be single, it is not a great life and people that say it is are jaded and lying to themselves. There is nothing better then sharing yourself with someone or having that someone there for you and you there for them. So this year I will not be single Internet.

 Secondly I am weeding my friends, I am distancing myself from the ones that clearly are not as good a friend as I may have thought and getting rid of the toxic ones. I will pull the incredible ones even closer and keep them that way. I will not be lied to or hurt this year and I will not be made a fool of. A true friend does not lie white lie or make another person feel less of a friend. So this year is a weeding year

As for the little things. I plan on laughing at myself more, I plan on taking more time to appreciate the things I do have in my life. I plan on doing this insane rowing training and surviving it lol lol !!!

I plan on showing Sonnet as much as possible throughout the summer.

But mostly I plan on having fun and realizing I am pretty lucky . That I have a incredible life and a amazing family. I will remind myself there are others that would envy my life and so not to take it for granted




2 responses

30 12 2008

Friend-weeding is an excellent resolution/aim. The close, good friends are the only ones who are worth it anyway.

30 12 2008

exactly !!!!! I think everyone should do a little “friend weeding” once and a while and this is my year to do some serious weeding I think lol lol
thanks for swinging by 🙂

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