Body Talk …Freaky Shit People

2 02 2009

Last month I tried something that can best be described  as “out of my comfort zone” , I am never good out of my comfort zone and a sense of panic generally sets in rather quickly, but I did this thing anyway

 At my stables a lot of people have had this thing called Body Talk done to their horses. Its kinda hard to explain but I will try. Basically a person who practices body talk literally talks to your body, best way to describe it is your full of circuit breakers and some of those breakers are flipped to the off position, the person basically flips them to on to help you work better or your animal.

So I thought ” eh what the hell go for it , whats the harm”

It was interesting and a little freaky to say the least. I will tell you about Sonnet first and what was said regarding her. Basically my horse is slightly panic and anxiety filled and due to the fact that I am the same way we literally feed off one anther’s fears effectively making for one big ball of nerves stress and fear. She “balanced” Sonnet’s earth which is where her panic center is located. She also did Raki on both Sonnet and myself. Sonnet has had a sore back for a while partly due to saddle issues. However the lady said also sonnet was sucking in or tucking up her stomach muscles when I was riding her and the reason she was doing it was because of me. Why me you ask? well the lady said due to the fact that I have no feeling in my middle section of my body ( from the plastic surgery) I could not feel sonnet fully moving and so sonnet was compensating and trying to help me ….the women had no idea I had no feeling there …at that point I heard the X files theme song ! lol lol

All in all it was a good experince I did see a marked difference in Sonnet when I rode her the next time after the body talk session and so I am doing another one on Wednesday to see what comes out of it.

On another note she did do some body talk on myself as well and well best way to put it is that it was emotional and a little scary for me.

The non scary bit that was noted was that my lymphatic system was out of whack and that she had balanced that out. She said not something to freak out about but to keep a eye on.

Now the emotional scary bit…..the first thing she said to me was that I had self worth issues and that I see myself as nothing. My initial reaction was shock and anger for about 5 seconds …my second reaction was tears and the acknowledgement that she was completely right and yes I do indeed have these self worth issues. I cannot honestly tell you why that is and I know there is no reason for it. I have a great life, a incredible job, a amazing family. I like to think of myself as a decent looking women who looks after herself. I like to think that I am a great person that is driven and loving and kind . Yet I do in fact have those self worth issues and when she said that it hit just a little to close to home a little to hard , tears welled up in my eyes as I came to the realization that I need to some how repair that broken part of me , I honestly have no idea how I plan on doing that but god I soooo am making the effort to fix it

So all in all it was a eye opening tear wrenching experince and one I am putting myself through again on Wednesday




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