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One Canadian girl who moved to Manchester on a Whim stayed for 6 years. Got so expensive she though mehhh will move back to Canada. I ramble endlessly; it makes no sense. Will write on topics from Politics to Dating. From World Peace to what strange shit my mother says (on a regular basis) ENJOY !

Ok so I thought I would add some more about me on here now as I have been back in the frozen north of Canada for 2 years now. Ok I am still slightly off kilter I am still single and yes I still own a cat however not the same cat ….he ran away. I am blunt and honest I will always write it how I see it and feel it. I am famous now amongst my readers for my complete lack of use on the old spell check button. I type faster then I think hence the shocking and all over the place writing…but yet people still read which is cool !!

Enjoy most of all comment ! let me know you stopped by ..I am single I own a cat and live in my mothers basement currently so any attention is good attention in my books people !


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2 11 2008

Stumbled upon your blog last week with the “im 30 and single” entry which I found very well written and amusing to boot.
I was curious about the Falling slowly entry.. This song and movie have special meaning to me as I discovered them when I met someone I liked very much. Ironically he was british. Was just curious where you came upon it as the movie came out some time ago.

2 11 2008

hey there thank you very much for the kind comments and taking the time to read my little blog and writing to me 🙂

Re falling slowly I actually found out about the movie from last years Oscars. when I saw them both singing it on the Oscar show I fell in love So I rented the movie and then it became a love affair from there really

The entire album is forever played on my Ipod ! lol

6 11 2008

I wish I could still listen to it! Am angry with this one as now I cannot listen to the Frames or The Once soundtrack at all anymore as it conjures up memories…grr… stupid men. 😉 haha

6 11 2008

hahaha!! i have that with a few songs ..I cannot listento any Dido what so ever ! like at all ! lol you have my sympathy and yes…stupid men grr!! lol 😉

29 03 2009
Paul Allen

Hi Louisa, remember me , probably not. Melbourne Queensbury Hill YHA, the metro. Adrian Weiss, I was his Scottish friend with the long hair. Email back if it is you from those days…

30 03 2009

WOW!!! Ok that was a blast from the past ! lol I have vague recollections ( the many years of travelling has made my brain ever so slightly elderly !!) HOW ARE YOU ???? where are you ?? lol

30 03 2009

Hey email me : louisamtaylor@gmail.com !

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