Obama and his new Generation of Young Politically Minded People

5 11 2008

 I was not going write about the election last night as I know that every other blog out there is doing it and likely doing it well. But I simply could not pass it up.; I knew I had to express how I felt when it came out he had done the impossible and won it ….heavily won it !

 My opinions on Americans is rapidly changing from the view that they are narrow minded right wing nuts ( please realize I am a righty not a lefty in my political views but not exteme righty ) who are afraid of change and afraid of the possibilities someone outside of the box could run their country. I am now beginning to understand that there are Americans in that country that have a brain and have forward thinking abilities.

I have always been a fan of Obama. I believe his becoming president will bring some of the most stable times that country has seen in years. I do not believe the biggest thing about him being voted into the office of president is the fact that he is black. I believe the biggest thing is he is a man who has the forward thinking abilities to understand and recognize that his country needs to pull itself up by its bootstrings understand that there is a big wide world out there and to be players on the world stage that get respect then they need someone like Obama leading them.

His speach raised the hairs on my arms and made me think long and hard about all that he said. It was quite simply one of the most elequent speaches I have ever in my life heard. He made me believe in what he was saying and more importantly he made me believe he will action all that he says

I applaud you America for voting in the right and most qualified man in to the job of leading your country and your nation …..enjoy the ride think it will be a good one !


My New Hobby: The Slow Education Of Americans

4 02 2008

Now before I write this post I am adding a disclaimer: This is my blog , I can write what ever I so wish. I also expect people to write what ever they so wish back to me in the comments. I also need to make it clear I do not believe all Americans are stupid, just a large amount of them.Now I shall begin writing opening my mouth and inserting my foot…Wooohooo the fun of it all

Ok so I have had a new hobby for the last couple of months. As stated above it is to educate the mass stupidity of Americans. I do frankly realize this is a near impossible task but consider it my act of goodwill and charity!

I read ABC news every day. I do not read it for its news worthy content, because frankly it is rare there is anything of any value on that news website, it is a glorified gossip rag. So basically I read it for entertainment and light relief.

Recently however it has had my blood boiling. You can comment on the “news” articles. Some of the comments ARE UNREAL ! particularly when it has to do with anything other then their own country

For example there was one on there regarding Canada and someone in all seriousness was of the belief that Canada was ruled by the Queen and a communist government…I am soooo serious when I say that. Another comment I read was along the lines that Canada was part of the USA due to the fact that it was on the North American content.

I have never hidden my extreme dislike for Americans in general. Their ignorance and callousness is beyond comparison to any other race in the world INCLUDING the Middle East. Their belief it is there god given right to save the rest of the world blows my mind. Their strange notion that Great Britain and the Allies needed them to win the war and that they saved OUR asses gets my blood boiling like no other.

I believe they are a ugly population devoid or feeling education and sensitivity to other countries, beliefs, cultures or governments. I am of the belief that they do not think they need to learn about other parts of the world and the way it ticks.

All of these things send me over the edge and back again. So when I read ABC i know troll the comments and slowly but surely respond to each moronic, uneducated and simply shitty stupid comment. I am a little fish surrounded by bottom feeders when I do this as the typical American Bully mentality kicks in lol lol

But you know what its my way of educating the stupid ones. Its my charitable act to the rest of the world

Note: Just for your information I do not hate all Americans, in fact my godfather is a Texan and was a officer in the American Army and his Mother was a Daughter of the revolution I believe or something like that. I just hate the stupid ones basically