Bucket List : Update !

7 11 2008

I got a bee in my bonnet that I needed to start making a dent in the bucket list I did last week. I know I am not going to be able to do the Africa thing or Rio thing due to well the large amounts of money it will take to accomplish but there are other items on the list that can be done ….and I have started !

 So on Monday I signed up with the Edmonton Rowing Club ! 🙂 I willbe starting training in the winter ( near future ) for 4 weeks 2 times a week for 2 hours !! I have always wanted to row it has been a dream of mine and finally I am going for it

I spoke to a few people re this and what I needed to do to prepare…straight forward answer was row row row row and row some more at the gym, then a shed load of weight training. Well I rowed my ass off this week a total of 18 km has been rowed ( no I cannot feel my arms dammit ! ) and pile of weights lifted and endless back extensions done with a 35 pound plate cluched to my chest lol

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have got off the fence and just gone for this ! I cannot wait to get in a boat and row my ass off people !!!