Funny Story …. So I Quit My Job

3 09 2017

It has been known for sometime in my circle of friends and family and a select few work colleagues that I have been itching to get out of the company and position I have been in for the last two years.

Never have I felt so stifled or excluded in a role as I have in the last few months due to some pretty big management changes. The boss that hired me and who I deeply respected and equally feared lol ( mainly because I never wanted to let him down) left at the beginning of this year. After that it was a slippery slope and downward spiral of frankly shitty shitty  management and bullshit.

A couple of months ago I was approached by a client ( note I never signed a non compete agreement ) . After a few interviews and meetings, all of which went really well, I was made an offer.

i am not one for believing in “signs” or messages but the offer came through on the anniversary of dads death . My dad taught me to grab life by the god damn balls, go for what I set my sights on in life and to trust my gut. So I accepted and incredibly good offer from a fantastic company last Wednesday !

I was walked out the door 5 mins afer handing resignation in , asshole gm refused to stand up from his desk or offer his hand to shake so I made a pointed move of thrusting my hand in front of him, being classy and thanking him for the education and chance to work for the company ( all while thinking you sexist slug of man screw you ) and I merrily skipped out the front door.

So Tuesday my new adventure starts and I cannot describe how excited I am and how much I am looking forward to this chance being given to me .

Ladies …. seize the day ! If you are being repressed in your roles as professionals , fucking get out find a place that will help you flourish and grow into a force that cannot be stopped ! Again I say SEIZE THE FUCKING DAY LADIES !!