The Exciting World Of Online Dating ….oh the excitment of it all

13 11 2008

 I have been on various dating websites over the last little while. Some may look at this as crazy or even taking a risk ….I look at it as a act of sheer desperation ..seriously lol lol

In all seriousness though it is good, its kinda like vetting and weeding out the scum on the pond and finding the frog that turns into the prince under the scum…problem is there is a damn lot of scum on this pond right now !

These are a catalogue of my experinces thus far:

  • If it says in the “looking for” section Dating this translates to I want to get laid ..message me 90% of the time
  • Men have no sense of style
  • Men are completely inept at picking out a picture that sells them to the opposite sex as attractive
  • Men seem to think it is attractive to put the beer bong pictures as their main profile pics.
  • Ohh they lie ALOT lol when they say they do not play head games ….yep they pretty much do
  • Guys that are on like 200 girls “ Favorites List” are the ones you want to run far far away from avoid lol
  • Guys that put pics up with a bevy of busty blonde’s hanging off them …yeah not so cool really
  • The younger ones are looking for sex and the older ones are scarred and cannot handle pressure and fear commitment ( to the older ones I ask “why the hell are you on a dating website then ????? of all the places!?)

Generally I have had no major issues though. I have made some bad judgement calls about a few guys. Mainly thought they were decent turns out they were not, so basically got my fingers burnt and learnt from the experience really.

 I will keep plodding along however through the world of Internet dating websites. I have this theory that you have to kiss a shed load of frogs before a prince comes along. So I shall continue to search for that elusive prince in the hopes that one day he may show up amongst the commitment phobic, bare chested, hairy,scary,socially unacceptable and fashion faux paus men