November Recap

24 11 2008

So I am starting up my monthly recaps again …been ever so slightly lazy with them of late …but lazy no more I promise !

Hmmmm November …yeah its been a screwed up rollercoaster of emotions month. Its been a month where I have laughed so freakin hard almost wet myself and a month where I have cried myself to sleep…so you see pure rollercoaster !

I started the month of dressed up as a giant foam beer bottle at 4 in the morning on November 1 st ( hey do not judge if you were me you would have done it as well people )

I am ending the month next weekend dressed in a black ball gown going to a formal function …yet again alone lol but whatever least I am ending the month of November looking good and dressed to the nines but more importantly will be spending it with my family and my friends and that’s all that matters.

November has been the month where I have had break throughs in my riding that I never expected. I have connected with my horse on a level that I have seen with other riders and been jealous of …I cannot explain it but I can say it was a amazing feeling to finally get there with Sonnet !!

Hmm relationships: yeah I have run the gauntlet this month , I have been rejected and pursued. I have laughed my ass off on a few dates and thought it was brilliant and I have felt like a completely loser on others

I have had guys made my cry to sleep once or twice in this month and guys that have kept me on my toes. The big thing though are the ones that made me cry were the ones I liked the most and the ones that made me laugh I clicked amazingly well with. No one ever said finding that person was easy and that it is a long bumpy road ….well shit I must be hitting ever damn pothole on my road at this point . But as I say you learn from it and roll with it and see what happens right ?

I have had 2 AMAZINGLY good girls night out this month and sweet lord did I laugh. One consisted in getting firemen all hot and bothered as one of the girls demo’d her pole dancing routine ( seriously no word of a lie lol ) and the other consisted of a lot of tequila and other shots and laughing my ass off with my friend Sarah and the other girls from the barn

Ohhh November has been the month I started my rowing training ….I have lost weight from this which is never  a bad thing but I also have no feeling in my upper body from it lol . But the big thing is I am following through and I will do this and I will do this well

So basically November has been one of those months that have had me running the guanlet of emotions and fears. It has been a month that I have laughed my ass off through and cried through.

Most importantly it has been a month that has taught me never to forget who I am. It has taught me that yes I am beautiful and yes I am great. It has taught me that laughing cures almost anything and that I should be doing it more often. It has taught me that I am more determined and single minded then I give myself credit for

November is almost done so roll on December …please more laughing less crying ??? not a big request but a important one !