Another New Favorite Song :-)

27 11 2008

One of my favorite bands has yet again release and stellar and amazing song. It is my current rowing music and I will listen to it over and over and over. The Fray is one of those bands that draws a raw emotion out of me whenever I hear their music.

I know it is them from the first cord of whatever song plays. They are one of the rare bands that will make me cry. I have a deep attachment to them and will always listen to them

If you want a gut reaction to a song, if you want a song that makes you think and makes your emotions react in such away you want to listen to it over and over then this is your song

You Found Me


The Music I Ride To

17 11 2008

Nothing I love more then riding to music. I will put my ipod in when the indoor arena is empty and it is only me and Sonnet ( normally Sundays lol )

I have one song I listen to over and over when I am riding Sonnet.l It will set the mood and have a calming effect on both myself and her when we are riding to it.

I listen to it when on the trails alone as well. There is something haunting and pulling about this song.

It is called Dreamer and it is sung by Jenn Grant. She is a Canadian singer from the East Coast however there is a praire feeling to this song through and through.

I heard it for the first time as the opening song for the CBC show Heartland and knew I loved it from the very first note and opening cord. It is truly lovely and is a song all should listen to and share with others

Enjoy !

This is My Song of the Moment

17 11 2008

Not much I can really say other then this is the mind set I am currently in.

I will say though I love this girls voice and I also happen to think she is one of the most stunning girls I have seen sing. There is something there.

I do love this song and needless to say it is on my constantly played playlist this week. Enjoy !

( side note : Unfortnately the only video I can find of her singing this song is from when she first sung it on a episode of One Tree Hill, so there are bits of the show thrown in the mix …sorry lol )

Lovely Song but Gives you Unreal Expectations

6 11 2008

There are songs out there that everyone loves and songs that touch a part of your soul. But there are also songs that you love yet they give you one hell of a thump in the ass of unrealistic expectations. I think this is where part of my problem comes from in regards to the pursuit of a great relationship

I adore this song it touches me every time I hear it but the issue is it then makes me think that this is the normal that people are all in relationships like this but it simply is not the truth. I know others will disagree with me on this and it is my own personal view point and opinion. This song although lovely and I listen to it is gut wrenching in the sense that I begin to believe the likeliness of me ever finding something like what is sung in this song is pretty much slim to nil at present lol

Good for the Soul Music

4 11 2008

This is my good for the soul song…it has meanings I cannot even begin to describe to you to me and I am not to sure I would want to describe it . Just know this is a song that means more to me then words could describe


Musical and Thank you Notes

28 10 2008

So I steal a lot of good music from my siblings …a lot 😉

From my brother it is the likes of Sam Roberts and Postal Service ( 2 of my mainstays on my ipod …thanks bro ! )

From my sister it is the likes of Jack Johnson and the next guy I am about to write about and reccomend !

My sister has me completely and utterly hooked and converted to the love of Jason Mraz! I cannot stop listening to him and so I reckoned it was time to share him and express my love of his damn good music.

Favorite tune has to be I’m Yours. This song is another “makes me smile” or “gives me faith in love” song. I hear it and I am instantly happy smiling inside and out and it just makes me want to go and dance in the rain ( or snow) There are 2 lines in the song that resonate with me. First one which is one I shall use as my motto from now on is ” Its our god forsaken right to be loved” . First time I heard that line I smiled and thought god damn that is completely and utterly the truest statment ever! The other is basically me through and through lol and sums me up completely in a sentence and it is ” I’ve been spending way to long checking my tongue in the mirror and bending over backwards just to try and see you clearer but my breath fogged up the glass so I drew a new face and laughed” I love that line it is the best line EVER !

The other song is the ultimate love song really and it makes you smile endlessly when you hear it. Lucky Feat Colbie Caillat. It is just stunning with lines like ” you make it easier when life gets hard” and ” lucky i’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where i have been,lucky to be coming home again”


So if you want to buy the feel good album then this is the one you buy. If you feel jaded or slightly down or believe love no longer exists then buy this album. Even more important if you are in love or you are in that happy place we all strive for then buy this album for that other person and make it that random act of love and let them enjoy it with you


On a final note thank you very much Sister for introducing me to this rocking guy ! love it !

My 6 am Driving Song

28 07 2008

I am so not a country music girl. I may have grown up in the ultimate praire cowboy land and around farm boys and farm lifestyle but I was never drawn to country music BUT there is the odd song that I adore, mainly from home province boys like Paul Brandt or Emerson Drive.

Which leads to what is my 6am driving tune on a summer day on a open highway with no traffic and just me the window open and the wind blowing through as the sun shines or rises.

 The song is called Moments by Emerson Drive. If you are not a country listener I can almost promise you that you will still adore this song. The first time I had ever heard it, it actually made me cry. It is well written, well played and amazingly sung. The lyrics are not “my dog died, my wife left me, and I am a red neck” the lyrics in fact make you think about your life and where it has led you and where you are heading with your life.

It is my song that makes me smile as I drive most mornings. It is a song that i simply never get bored of listening to and still envokes a emotional reaction everytime I hear it

So although I am not “country” I do not shut it out and I will give the odd song a chance lol