Black Man or White Women

5 02 2008

That is effectively the question being asked of Americans at present. Do you want a black comparatively young man leading your country OR do you want a White experienced women leading your country?

This is one of the rare American elections that has absolutely grabbed my attention. I mean think about it: A country that has both deep seated racial tensions and quite frankly can be a very male dominated chauvinist driven country and they have a black man and a white women battling it out to lead their country.

They both face very similar barriers as well when you really look at it. Both are in a minority in the sense that there has never been a black contender like Obama and there has never been a white women let alone a women a contender like Hillary running for the presidency.

I can safely say I have found it absolutely enthralling to watch both candidates duke it out in the debates the primaries and on the campaign trail.

I have my own beliefs of who I wish to win this ultimately and that is Barrack Obama. I think it would be truly history altering if he were to be come the American president after the moron currently in office George W Bush. A true Texan basically.

I think he is the one candidate that is not just promising change but bloody DEMANDING it in his country. I believe he will do this, he will change in time the image his country currently holds in the rest of the world.

He has things going against him. Mainly his own race. The fact that black voters are not voting for him because they do not like him but because they cannot actually bring themselves to believe a black man can lead their country has to be both disheartening and a sheer letdown for Obama.

In the same light Hillary has her issues. Firstly I am of the belief that a fair few female American Voters will NOT vote for her because they see her as weak for staying with Bill after the whole “I did not sleep with her” thing! Also I do believe Bill is becoming increasingly a hindrance to her campaign. As Obama had said in a recent debate ” I do not know who I am actually running against ; Bill or Hillary” She needs to rein in her husband smart quick

Either way I am of this belief. Which ever one of them prevails should for there own good the countries good and for the sheer history of it make the other the vice president. Imagine it a white women and a black man leading the United States of America ….seems impossible doesn’t it ?