I’m Back ……

28 08 2017

Well hey hey hey blogging world ! Miss me ?? Come on you know you did! Its been far far to long.

Recently someone who read my blog suggested that I should rev this thing back up and get writing again . I at first thought ” oh hell to the no I am not putting my self out there as much as I did previously ” but then the thought would not leave my god damn brain !

So here I am back read to throw it all out there again for all to see, judge, laugh maybe take some solace in it.

Hmm lets see …it has been 8 years since my last entry , What could possibly have happened in 8 years you ask ?! … well

  • bought a condo and sold the condo
  • bought a house and still in the house, it is my sanctuary and the place I like to get day drunk in on occasion
  • I have not one but 2 dogs, equally as ugly as one another one being much smarter then the other
  • I have a beautiful horse who I compete with but more importantly who I find my calm and peace with. She is where I laugh hardest and also cry the hardest, that big ol neck has soaked up almost all my tears.
  • I am …single…yes still frigging single .
  • I met the love of my life 2 years ago , it ended my heart shattered into a million shards and I think only 500,000 of those shards have gone back into place. I never believed people when they say hearts break. mine did in the worst way
  • I actually LOVE ! being single I think with age and maturity I have learnt to embrace the solitude and I run my own game and it is kind of awesome frankly !
  • I have dated and continue to date. I refuse to settle for the next best thing and would rather date find the odd moment of companionship and then move along until that right moment occurs … or doesn’t and if it doesn’t oh well !
  • I am a Aunt !! I still have a strong aversion to children however baby Claire stole my heart and to be honest of those millions of pieces it was broken into she probably repaired 250,000 of them , She is perfection.
  • I have a career. That’s all I can really say on that front. Change is a foot and in this day and age of social media and the internet I will not be saying much more on that just yet.
  • I am still a complete gym freak. However my goals and bench marks have changed as I have aged, I have finally learnt to love myself for myself. Look I am not skinny I am never going to be skinny and fuck I never want to be skinny people ! what I am is a hot god damn woman who is comfortable in her skin , adores lifting weights and says ” hey call me fat … its a word…its really not that scary assholes” so yeah I work out … a lot … like 6 days a week lol
  • I had a major health scare this spring which resulted in me being diagnosed with MS (* pre MS I have to have another attack occur before its a fullblown thing ) look yes MS is scary as fuck but at the time all the symptoms presented as a tumour , I even named him trevor and I was ready to throw a party for him . No tumour just MS , I can live and function with MS. its all good in my books.
  • I still swear . A lot. Deal with it.
  • I have a close knit tight group of friends who have lifted me up at my utter worsts and have given me laughs and adventures that are simply put amazing !
  • I am still in Edmonton Alberta, I do not intend on staying here , the west coast calls my soul and I belong there.
  • My family is still crazy and off the wall and maddening and perfect all at once.

So that’s life right now folks, 38 still single however not a crazy cat lady and able to pull some pretty decent dates with some pretty decent men ( although there have been some duds lol trust me you will hear about them I am sure ! )

It feels good to write again and let the words flow out, I have missed it