May not have a Man in My life But I have her ….

7 11 2008

I have never posted pics of my girl on here before but thought now was the time.

I bought Sonnet earlier this year from a truly lovely lady who adored Sonnet but decided she was not a match for her and it was time to find a new horse. In came me 🙂 I met Sonnet in January and it was truly love at first site, she was fluffy and over weight but she had this draw to her that I knew instantly made her the horse for me.

Since then I have been working endlessly with her to bring her up to scratch and to the full potential of her abilities !

She is a Georgian Grande which is exactly have Percheron ( BIg draft horses ) and half American Saddlebred ( dainty 5 gaited horses) She has taken on the big drafty parts through and through with the smoothness of a saddlebred. She has dinner plate sized feet and a gigantic head ! lol She is a food motivated animal…this horse will frisk you down and mug you for treats lol

I bought her with the intent of doing 3 day eventing ( cross country jumping, Stadium Jumping and Dressage ) But we have had to go back to square one in training and re educate her. Currently I am working on dressage and she has a natural ability like none other.

She is currently one of the few constants in my life. She is the one I go to at the end of a bad day. She is the one I mutter to about my life on a daily basis. She is the one that I can rant to about my past and current men troubles and I can do all this knowing I will get a sympathetic ear and a kind heart

This is my girl Sonnet