There is Nothing More I Dislike then Being Ignored

26 11 2008

Seriously nothing pisses me off more then being ignored, not spoken to, not responded to or the silent treatment !

It honestly rattles my cage something chronic ! I am a communicator I need that form of communication and so when someone and others do not do the common act of communicating back then I get irritated to the max level.

I have no idea why it is like this with me but it is. I am pretty good at keeping my emotions and feelings and anger in check in almost all situations but when it comes to this little tiny issue I struggle not to scream about it.

I just have this belief that if someone makes the effort to speak to you then you simply make that effort back. I also believe that if you cannot be bothered to make that effort then you are way less a person for it. I know friends say to me if someone is that ignorant or rude then they are not worth your time anger or effort. That they are not worthy enough to know me as a person…but I cannot help it it gets my goat dammit.

So in the future people take the tip from me : If someone makes the effort to speak, email, text, call or write you a letter even make the effort to respond back its not hard and is just simple common manners dammit


Only In Quebec…..

14 11 2008

First read the below article taken from the BBC News Website:

Canada frees man too big for jail

In its justification for the early release, the Quebec Parole Board also cited Mr Lapointe’s good behaviour, his non-violent crime and the support of his wife and mother.

Canadian authorities have released a prisoner known as Big Mike who was found to be too fat to fit in his cell.

Michel Lapointe is a convicted drugs gang member arrested in 2006 who weighs 450lb (205kg).

He could not fit on the chair in his Montreal prison cell and his body protruded six inches on either side of his bed, press reports said.

Officials ruled that Lapointe’s prison conditions were “difficult” because of his health.

The Journal de Montreal newspaper quoted a letter from the authorities to Mr Lapointe saying: “You have been detained for more than 25 months and your prison conditions are difficult because of your health.”

They also cited the refusal of two other facilities to accept the 37-year-old, who was handed a five-year sentence in May this year.

Mr Lapointe was freed late on Tuesday.

“I’m going to have a proper bed and finally have a chair I can sit in,” he told the paper outside the prison.

“I want a normal life. I’ve done some stupid things and I’ve paid for them,” he added.



Ok and now I begin my rant against all things that drive me insane …batshit crazy ( that is aside from shitty drivers beer bong men and uneducated buffoons but I digress )

 Please tell me we did not release a proven criminal from a 5 year sentence after serving not even half of it …because he was to fat?! W.T.F?!

You would think that in the 25 months her was there they could have put the fat man on a diet?? Just a thought or were the simply force feeding him Poutine? Were they strapping him down and pouring it down his throat or something. 

I mean seriously its not like this guy was being let on day release to go through the Golden arches drive through to maintain is 450llb weight? So one begs to ask surely he must have lost some weight in those 25 months ? and if he did lose the weight then christ almighty how much did he weigh when he got in there

Of course this all happened in Quebec and well its the french and even worse its the French Canadians ( I know I am putting on my flame suit yet again for poking fun at the frogs sorry …flame away ! ) So I suppose it must be expected of them !

Sweet lord we released a man because he was to fat ?! wrong on sooooo many levels guys !

I have a Obsession With …..

14 11 2008

This one is going to throw you guys …its a odd and peculiar obsession and one I have forever and ever !

I have a obsession with penguins and Hippo’s…yep waddling little birds and man eating river beasts. I cannot help it, I see one or the other and my little girl heart melts and I just cooo endlessly with a pure look of contentment on my face …sorry its weird but that’s me , deal with it.

If I could have a pet penguin or a pet baby hippo I do believe my life could very possibly be complete. I would so name the penguin Percy and he would likely live in my bath tub ( which is completely normal people penguins love bath tubs OK !?) and I would feed him endless supplies of mackerel ( the really stink fish of the water world )


If I could have a pet baby ( I say baby due to the fact that a full grown adult would crush me with his massive death and play with the dead broken body lol ) hippo his name would be Harry ,….. I am still debating as to where I would have him live but I do know I would totally write Coach and have them make him a dog style harness hippo sized  ( coach being my mecca for all things handbag,scarf AND strangely pet collar related) He would be the hippest most fashion forward hippo


Yep so there you go I am strange I obsess about penguins and hippo’s and hell yes I am single ….its all becoming very clear now I think

Lest We Forget

11 11 2008

 Today is the day you stop you honor and you recognize those who have fought died and lived for your country. Today is the day you remember the fallen soldiers in all wars fought for our country.

I have always had a connection with November 11th. I have grandfathers who fought in World War 2 for the British and parents who were bothin the Military. I have a sister who although not a solider is directly linked through her job with the current war in Afghanistan. I have a connection with this day like I believe every single person does.

I have a tough time listening to the news this time of year as there are endless stories of grieving families,mothers,wives,husbands,children,fathers for their lost sons and daughters. I have driven into work for the last 2 days in floods of tears as they have retold their fallen soldiers story on the radio for all to hear.

It puts my life into perspective very clearly. It makes my worries and fears seems somewhat small in compression. SO what if I have felt let down or somewhat heart broken , that is nothing to compare to the loss of a loved one to a war thousands of miles away. It makes me grateful and thankful to know that they are willing to sacrifice themselves in such a deadly and terrifying way.

Solders like Sergeant Shane Hank Stachnik who was killed in Afghanistan on September 3 2006. Who’s mother has been chosen as this years Silver Cross Mother . I listened to her speak on the radio yesterday on the way into work. Just before hearing the news piece I was wrapped up in my own world my own issues about life and men and work and being hurt. The minute I heard her voice and telling her sons story it was gone I stopped worrying and obsessing about my own life and started listening to a women who has lost her baby to a war thousands of miles away and I cried endlessly. SHe recounted getting a call at 5 am in the morning from the local RCMP. They had to call her rather then the army Chaplin and men who were meant to tell her that her son was lost forever because she lived out in the country and they could not find their way there. She asked “Is Shane ok ?” to which they said ” Ma’am we need to see you now” she obviously knew at that point that her son was dead and lost forever. She said “its not like they were calling in for coffee at 5 in the morning”  Her son was killed in a ambush while leading his section on a ground offensive against the Taliban. This was not his first but his second tour of duty . He left behind a fiance and 2 step children and was due to be married upon his return to his country …and he will never get that chance …he was the same age as I am , this man was 30 and he is dead doing what he believed in and committed to.

So before you say you do not agree with wars and you cannot support the mission in Afghanistan re think what you think and re phrase what you say. You havet he right to disagree with our war in Afghanistan but you do not have the right to not support and show your compassion to these soldiers and their families.

It has been 90 years since world war 1 …90 years we have one veteran left in Canada from that war still alive . John Babcock, he is our last living piece of history to a incredibly brutal and bloody war. HE was a shocking 15 and a half when he tried to sign up to fight in the war …15 and a half people. I believe he is currently 108 years old now. It is men like him that fought for the country we currently live in. It is men like him that took the risk felt the call of duty and did what he thought was the right thing to do at the time. 

So I ask you please honor men like Sergeant Stachnik and John Babcock today. As you do it remember and realize all they have done for us and all they continue to do. They have all made the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in and for you !

Stolen Blog Title ( sorry ! ) …Exciting Times Ahead …..

6 11 2008

 Recently a whole load of things have been happening in my life. Some of you know about them some of you are part of them and some have no clue lol

Firstly I jumped back on the dating wagon in a big way …yeah not having vast amounts of luck but have met some guys that have ticked some major boxes and major requirements for me. Its just hard to gauge how it is going and where it is going because it is so strange to me. I am not used to the whole dating world and all its ups and downs even after a year of dating on and off various guys. I would much rather things be much more straight forward and to the point !

Work wise …hmm this is a tough one for me. I adore my job I love what I do and the added bonus is I am generally good at it I would like to think. The major issue for me is that I am not paid enough for what I do in my field of work and what makes it worse is knowing that the others in my field at other employers are likely making a good 15-20 grand more then me 😦 Welllll ….I have applied for various jobs and one in particular has called back , its a major company it is global and one of the biggest out there. The chance for growth and money making is unreal. The other thing is they are global so if I were to ever get itchy feet again ( which is my way of sugar coating the fact that I run far far away when things do not work out the way I hope they do ) I can transfer internally within a company like this …I can go to Europe the States, Australia, New Zealand , I mean the possibilities are endless really ! plus the money …is damn good !

 The next big thing was a bit of a shocker ! this one I have to be somewhat cloak and dagger about due to the fact that it is all still up in the air and the execution of it is still to be decided . I was approached to do a new website on dating I have the choice of either making it my story of the dating world as a 30 year old OR actually setting it up to get dates lol lol I am leaning towards the story side and advice side due to the fact that I can only imagine the nutters I will get via a site begging for dates lol lol ( because seriously that’s how it would appear !! lol ) I prefer the story and advice side from a 30 year old dater. I have had my experiences I have dated every spectrum of men over the years and had some recent serious winners in my books and some recent serious shits. I have learnt from my mistakes and successes so why not put all down pen to paper. So yeah we shall see what happens in regards to that one 🙂

So life is kinda all over the place right now. I still strive to get that perfect high paying job and apperantely I am still striving to find that gentleman to date lol lol both so much easier said then done I suppose !

Surgery Update For You All …and A Life Update Too !

28 07 2008

So I am not far off 3 months from surgery and to be honest in a state of shock as to how well it all really went and how well I currrently feel.

My scar is looking better and better each day. I think the best thing about the work my surgeon did on me is the fact that my scar is virtually flat I mean you cannot miss the damn thing and I know it is there however it is kinda cool lol. I have come to th conclusion that whatever guy I end up dating ( more on that to come all ) if they do not like the scar then they are kinda shit out of luck as it is not going anywhere any time fast people !

 I was soooo very lucky for excatly 2 months I had virtually no swelling my tummy could not have been more flat and even concaved. Then that all changed on the first week of my 2 month mark. I swelled up like a god damn balloon dammit ! Now to be fair partly my fault as to why I am currently so swollen. My surgeon said I coudl get back to the gym and working out at week 6. He said for the first couple visits no Ab work and to do cardio and light weights which I did. On the 5th visit I started doing my sit ups back extensions etc. It felt great i could feel everything fine nothing hurt. I got over ambitious and did the dreaded plank …oops …not so smart. Needless to say I woke up the next morning and it felt like I had just come out of surgery !! Big mistake!

 So I have had friends ask me and family if I have noticed different reactions from men now when I go out….the answer is hell yes!! And hell yes I am superficial about it. No the surgery did not change me as a person per say ( maybe confidence wise it did ) but it did change my phsyically and I recognize that as do the male speicies ! lol Needless to say not only did i get the plastic surgery on the stomach I got a fact lift in the boob department. I never had surgery done on the girls but the surgery I had done on the tummy seems to have made it look as though they got done as well…I am so not complaining. I am still contimplating if I will but before and after pics up on here and will decide soon. It is a personal thing but I have laid my life bare on this website so I see it as a natural progression to also put the pics up …we shall see

Ok now for life update: Firstly my beautiful horse Sonnet. Every day I ride I fall more and more in love with her. People that do not ride may not completely understand how that is possible or how it affects you as a person, I will try and explain it. When I am riding her I forget about anything that is possibly going wrong in my life or bugging me. When I ride her my entire being is centered and it makes me feel balanced and calm. I am focused and deterimened when I am riding her. So as you can tell it has helped me on so many personal levels to be blessed with having her in my life daily

Next bit of life…dating …yes I am still single…no I am not happy about it…yes I have visions of me being a 90 year sinpster living in a shoe box yelling at random strangers and throwing my kitchen scraps at them …no this better not become a reality. I would be lying if I did not admit I am slight jealous of my friends and their various relationships. I see it and I want it but for unknown reasons it seems to always be just out side of my reach radius. I have however been on a few dates with a few guys and have completely enjoyed myself I just have not however found that guy who has that sparkle in their eye when they see me. or found that guy that lights up a room when i see them. Maybe I will never find that guy btu I do not want to lower my standards or expectations or settle for something out of a desperate need to feel wanted and loved, people should never do that.

So thats all folks 🙂

Nothing Better then Finding a good read on the Net !

13 06 2008

About 2 years ago I had found a website via another website that I quite frankly fell in love with. I had blogged about it then but I thought I would blog about it again just for the sheer shits and giggles of it all.

The website is called True Wife Confessions and it can be found in my blog roll. It is unreal and maybe slightly sad and scary as well.

The premise is that women write in and confess all. It could be as simple as I forgot to take the garbage out AGAIN or as scary as “would you please stop beating me I cannot take it anymore”, and although that is scary it is life and it is on this site warts and all.

It is voyeuristic in nature and kinda like peaking through the net curtains at others lives and tribulations. The women that write in never seem to give there names (go figure) and they are known as confession “insert number of confession”

I love it when I find a blog that I cannot seem to stop reading it is both riveting and emotional to read. It pulls at your heart strings and will simply make you snort coffee out of your nose at vast speeds at some of these seemingly insane yet valid confessions.

So if you want a good read please hope on over to True Wife Confessions and have a look let me know what you all think