Another 101 Explination

24 11 2008

Ok yet more explanations on my 101 list and the reasoning’s behind them 🙂


77. I have been cheated on horribly …yeah this 101 entry sucks

So yep I am one of the millions of people who has been cheated on. What I like to think is different about me is I do not and never have let it effect me in the way I am in relationships and towards guys. I have no major trust issues or baggage due to it. As for the cheating itself ….she was a leggy blonde and was not nearly as good a person as me …last I heard he was still with her supporting her and her child …sucker lol

96. I am the worlds Problem Solver

I really am you know. If someone needs something sorted out or a objective viewpoint then I am your go to lady. I may not be able to solve my own problems but damn I can solve other peoples problems for them or help them find that answer they need. It appears it is built into me to want to help to make things better for another person. It seems as though I cannot let people suffer with the agony of solving a issue or a problem. I am good at it plain and simple really.

98. I am a political Junkie

Seriously I really am. I cannot get enough of world politics. I put this obsession solely on the shoulders of my parents and my little sister who took political sciences and has a kick ass job. I cannot abide people who do not make themselves aware of world politics to me that is simply putting your head int he sand and ignoring what is going on around you. I could never date someone who is not at least a tiny little bit politically aware just a little so at least I can hold a conversation with them