101 List Explination #2

4 11 2008

101.  love me. I really do love me I think I am a brilliant person, will make a geat wife mother and friend I rock

I genuinely believe that. I believe I am a brilliant person and I will make a great wife/girlfriend/mother/friend whatever! I am of the belief that I am constantly underestimated as a person so if I do not tell myself that then who will? Some people see that as ego or self importance. Some people question why I would have that on my list of 101 things about me. But thats just it , it is my list it is about me and that is a genuine fact about me as a person. If someone out there decides I am not worthy to be there friend/the person they date/marry/love/talk to or to simply wing it and give me that chance then that is there lose because that statement above is the gods honest truth about me. All I can say is if they decide for reasons unknown to me not to take that chance on me then its their lose not mine it just means they were not good enough for me and that statement above clearly means nothing to them but it means something to me and it means a lot.

44. Most of my friends are guys , so much easier to deal with

This one makes people laugh as I really am a girls girl however I am a contradiction in the sense that I am a tomboy as well. I cannot handle women and their groupiness and cattiness. It gets me pissed right off ! I would sooner rather go for a beer with boys and say dirty words then go out with girls turn into a bitchfest and someone is bickering with someone else…….Oh yeah and I never understood why women go to the bathroom in groups ??? WTF?

77. I have been cheated on horribly

I have been horribly betrayed and hurt and ripped apart….I lived through it and more importantly I am not bitter about it. It did make me that little bit more paranoid when first seeing someone or wondering if they actually wanted to be with me. It has not however hindered or hampered me in anyway. I do not use it as a bench mark for relationships and I have never been suspicious of someone cheating on me since and it is likely I never will be. These things happen it is life you learn from it you live from it and you work with it ….I did get my revenge though I drained the bastards credit card bill , met the leggy blonde and told her a few home truths about him and I walked out with my head held high and my pride and self esteem fully in place.

It just proves to others who hear my stories of my life that I am not one dimensional I rock and I am god damn cool and if it is only me that believes that then that is one person enough for me 🙂


101 Explination

3 11 2008

Recently ( no idea why ! lol ) I have had a few emails from readers asking for explinations on a few of the things on my 101 list about me. So rather then sending on all sorts of individual emails I would start a new thread on the blog explaing a few of the items on the list each day. Some are pretty self exlpanitory and if you cannot figure it out then you really need some help. Some however clearly have a story and a reasoning behind them and why they are there. So here is the first post on a few of the items on the 101 list 🙂


1. I am a Scorpio…I generally do not believe in that stuff however I fit the description to the last letter :

I really am a Scorpio through and through. But more importantly I generally refuse to believe in all this stuff I am of the belief that you are who you are and you make of your life what you want. But whjen you read about scorpios I really am that sign to a T and it is freaky as shit people.

These are the words that they use to desribe a Scorpio:

Determined and Forceful …hmmm yep thats me

Emotional and Intuitive …again could not be more true

Powerful and Passionate …HELL YES !

Compulsive and obsessive, It pains me to admit this but yeah I think there are shades of these words in my personality

Obstinate…shit I know this is not a good thing sometimes but I really am this word. However in my defence I do think that it has helped me get where I am in life now

The write ups on my sign all say scorpios are driven by their emotions and that they are fiercely loyal which I like to think is true about me. Also they say that when we are in realtionships we do not ever stray we are never half hearted in our attempts to make it a good and great one and we will not tolerate being hurt,cheated on or lied to…OMG that is true however I would like to think that is true of any human. When I read about my sign I am slightly freaked at how accurate it is about me !

 31. I am the ultimate romantic out there

I know you may be thinking this is pretty self explanitory but I actually believe it is not. i think the art of being a romantic is a dying one. I think people mistake grand expensive gifts and gestures as romance now and that is so wrong. I am a romantic but to me it is the tinniest of little things that mean romance to me. I am the girl that will have a shower and write I love you on the mirror so when my other half has his shower it will show up for him to see. I am the girl that will leave chicken soup on the door step for a boyfriend if I know they have been at work all day with a cold knowing that when they get home it will make them smile. I will leave a note on the fridge or in their lunch. I am of the romantic belief that the smaller and simpler the gesture the grander and more thoughtful it really is !