Lest We Forget

11 11 2008

 Today is the day you stop you honor and you recognize those who have fought died and lived for your country. Today is the day you remember the fallen soldiers in all wars fought for our country.

I have always had a connection with November 11th. I have grandfathers who fought in World War 2 for the British and parents who were bothin the Military. I have a sister who although not a solider is directly linked through her job with the current war in Afghanistan. I have a connection with this day like I believe every single person does.

I have a tough time listening to the news this time of year as there are endless stories of grieving families,mothers,wives,husbands,children,fathers for their lost sons and daughters. I have driven into work for the last 2 days in floods of tears as they have retold their fallen soldiers story on the radio for all to hear.

It puts my life into perspective very clearly. It makes my worries and fears seems somewhat small in compression. SO what if I have felt let down or somewhat heart broken , that is nothing to compare to the loss of a loved one to a war thousands of miles away. It makes me grateful and thankful to know that they are willing to sacrifice themselves in such a deadly and terrifying way.

Solders like Sergeant Shane Hank Stachnik who was killed in Afghanistan on September 3 2006. Who’s mother has been chosen as this years Silver Cross Mother . I listened to her speak on the radio yesterday on the way into work. Just before hearing the news piece I was wrapped up in my own world my own issues about life and men and work and being hurt. The minute I heard her voice and telling her sons story it was gone I stopped worrying and obsessing about my own life and started listening to a women who has lost her baby to a war thousands of miles away and I cried endlessly. SHe recounted getting a call at 5 am in the morning from the local RCMP. They had to call her rather then the army Chaplin and men who were meant to tell her that her son was lost forever because she lived out in the country and they could not find their way there. She asked “Is Shane ok ?” to which they said ” Ma’am we need to see you now” she obviously knew at that point that her son was dead and lost forever. She said “its not like they were calling in for coffee at 5 in the morning”  Her son was killed in a ambush while leading his section on a ground offensive against the Taliban. This was not his first but his second tour of duty . He left behind a fiance and 2 step children and was due to be married upon his return to his country …and he will never get that chance …he was the same age as I am , this man was 30 and he is dead doing what he believed in and committed to.

So before you say you do not agree with wars and you cannot support the mission in Afghanistan re think what you think and re phrase what you say. You havet he right to disagree with our war in Afghanistan but you do not have the right to not support and show your compassion to these soldiers and their families.

It has been 90 years since world war 1 …90 years we have one veteran left in Canada from that war still alive . John Babcock, he is our last living piece of history to a incredibly brutal and bloody war. HE was a shocking 15 and a half when he tried to sign up to fight in the war …15 and a half people. I believe he is currently 108 years old now. It is men like him that fought for the country we currently live in. It is men like him that took the risk felt the call of duty and did what he thought was the right thing to do at the time. 

So I ask you please honor men like Sergeant Stachnik and John Babcock today. As you do it remember and realize all they have done for us and all they continue to do. They have all made the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in and for you !


Stolen Blog Title ( sorry ! ) …Exciting Times Ahead …..

6 11 2008

 Recently a whole load of things have been happening in my life. Some of you know about them some of you are part of them and some have no clue lol

Firstly I jumped back on the dating wagon in a big way …yeah not having vast amounts of luck but have met some guys that have ticked some major boxes and major requirements for me. Its just hard to gauge how it is going and where it is going because it is so strange to me. I am not used to the whole dating world and all its ups and downs even after a year of dating on and off various guys. I would much rather things be much more straight forward and to the point !

Work wise …hmm this is a tough one for me. I adore my job I love what I do and the added bonus is I am generally good at it I would like to think. The major issue for me is that I am not paid enough for what I do in my field of work and what makes it worse is knowing that the others in my field at other employers are likely making a good 15-20 grand more then me 😦 Welllll ….I have applied for various jobs and one in particular has called back , its a major company it is global and one of the biggest out there. The chance for growth and money making is unreal. The other thing is they are global so if I were to ever get itchy feet again ( which is my way of sugar coating the fact that I run far far away when things do not work out the way I hope they do ) I can transfer internally within a company like this …I can go to Europe the States, Australia, New Zealand , I mean the possibilities are endless really ! plus the money …is damn good !

 The next big thing was a bit of a shocker ! this one I have to be somewhat cloak and dagger about due to the fact that it is all still up in the air and the execution of it is still to be decided . I was approached to do a new website on dating I have the choice of either making it my story of the dating world as a 30 year old OR actually setting it up to get dates lol lol I am leaning towards the story side and advice side due to the fact that I can only imagine the nutters I will get via a site begging for dates lol lol ( because seriously that’s how it would appear !! lol ) I prefer the story and advice side from a 30 year old dater. I have had my experiences I have dated every spectrum of men over the years and had some recent serious winners in my books and some recent serious shits. I have learnt from my mistakes and successes so why not put all down pen to paper. So yeah we shall see what happens in regards to that one 🙂

So life is kinda all over the place right now. I still strive to get that perfect high paying job and apperantely I am still striving to find that gentleman to date lol lol both so much easier said then done I suppose !

What I have Learnt So Far …

4 11 2008

I have learnt that life is not a cookie cutter form and you cannot and must not force things to happen for you. You can help make things happen but must never force things to happen

I have learnt that yes in fact your tongue will stick to metal in winter ….it is not a theory at the age of 10 you really need to test out ….its a painful lesson learnt

I have learnt that if you under-estimate yourself then you will fail at what you do. If you under-estimate your abilities in living loving and life then yep your life will suck no matter how hard you try

I have learnt that the vast majority of people cannot actually drive a car with any decent ability or effectiveness !! And no matter how much you PRAY the cops will suddenly turn up to give the bastard riding our ass a ticket …it will likely never happen …ever !

 I have learnt that when I like someone I like them I am not wishy washy about it , I am not unsure or on the fence , I either like them or I do not like them. Can get me in trouble sometimes in the sense that if that person likes me and I am not feeling it I start softening and forcing myself to like them ….never works. Vise Versa I like them and they do not like me ( god knows why !? lol ) I would rather they were just straight with me tell it how it is …makes life that much easier !

 I have learnt checking out guys while on the tredmill will only end in disaster …. 5 times ! ( yep I have come flying off the back of a tredmill 5 times whilst drooling over a overly hot fit man ….and no I never spoke to them or asked for their number …stupid I know)

I have learnt that letting your life be ruled by your mind and never allowing your heart to perform part of that job is wrong and will never get you anywhere. If you let your heart make the odd choice for you it will surprise you how good the outcome could possibly be but in the same light it can end in pure disaster…but that’s life.

I have learnt I make peoples day when they pull up beside me at red lights…why you ask? Because not only do I sing in my car I dance in my seat. I am not half measured about it either ! I let it rip I sing and I dance I let my steam off singing in my car. I have had people roll down windows and ask me why I am so happy in my car …in traffic …for hours lol ! I have had police beside me laugh …ok they may not have been sharing my joy they may have been laughing at me but whatever my car my music my singing and I have learnt it does me and others good !

 I have learnt that I am the most faithful and honest person in a relationship. I have had the situation happen to me where I could have quite easily cheated on a boyfriend with someone I have liked forever, but when it came down to it I ran hard and fast and knew I would never do that to the other person or even myself. I have learnt that to be in a relationship is to be in one plain and simple. It opened my eyes up to my values and morals. I learnt I am faithful to the end and also I expect that from others

I have learnt never to stand in front of a horse with a pocket full of treats …they will frisk you and mug you until they get those treats …yeah just mean doing that one ! lol

 But most importantly I have learnt who I am and what I strive for in my life so far. I have learnt and realized that I am better as a partnership then as a single lone entity. I have learnt who I want to be now and who I am striving to be in the future. I have realized that although being feircely indpenendent is wicked it also has its pitfalls and being able to turn to another person and ask for that help that love or affection is not going to make me a lesser person. I have learnt to value life itself through my family and through the death of my father. I have learnt the value of true friendship and its impact on the shaping of me as a person. I have learnt how to deal with rejection and how to deal with love and realtionships.

But what I have really learnt is that I have sooooo much more growing and learning and educating to do. That life is never over that you are here to forever expand your horizons. So if that means I do it alone or with another person at least I know I have to do it and it is what my life is about


yeah and seriously kids …never lick the metal pole no matter how much someone offers to pay you or how badly you want to prove the theory of tongue+cold metal = one stuck very sore tongue …the theory is right and it does hurt !

101 Explination

3 11 2008

Recently ( no idea why ! lol ) I have had a few emails from readers asking for explinations on a few of the things on my 101 list about me. So rather then sending on all sorts of individual emails I would start a new thread on the blog explaing a few of the items on the list each day. Some are pretty self exlpanitory and if you cannot figure it out then you really need some help. Some however clearly have a story and a reasoning behind them and why they are there. So here is the first post on a few of the items on the 101 list 🙂


1. I am a Scorpio…I generally do not believe in that stuff however I fit the description to the last letter :

I really am a Scorpio through and through. But more importantly I generally refuse to believe in all this stuff I am of the belief that you are who you are and you make of your life what you want. But whjen you read about scorpios I really am that sign to a T and it is freaky as shit people.

These are the words that they use to desribe a Scorpio:

Determined and Forceful …hmmm yep thats me

Emotional and Intuitive …again could not be more true

Powerful and Passionate …HELL YES !

Compulsive and obsessive, It pains me to admit this but yeah I think there are shades of these words in my personality

Obstinate…shit I know this is not a good thing sometimes but I really am this word. However in my defence I do think that it has helped me get where I am in life now

The write ups on my sign all say scorpios are driven by their emotions and that they are fiercely loyal which I like to think is true about me. Also they say that when we are in realtionships we do not ever stray we are never half hearted in our attempts to make it a good and great one and we will not tolerate being hurt,cheated on or lied to…OMG that is true however I would like to think that is true of any human. When I read about my sign I am slightly freaked at how accurate it is about me !

 31. I am the ultimate romantic out there

I know you may be thinking this is pretty self explanitory but I actually believe it is not. i think the art of being a romantic is a dying one. I think people mistake grand expensive gifts and gestures as romance now and that is so wrong. I am a romantic but to me it is the tinniest of little things that mean romance to me. I am the girl that will have a shower and write I love you on the mirror so when my other half has his shower it will show up for him to see. I am the girl that will leave chicken soup on the door step for a boyfriend if I know they have been at work all day with a cold knowing that when they get home it will make them smile. I will leave a note on the fridge or in their lunch. I am of the romantic belief that the smaller and simpler the gesture the grander and more thoughtful it really is !

The Ultimate Halloween Costume

31 10 2008

Tonight is the night I shall actually be going out on the town to do the Halloween thing and Birthday thing. I am off on a pub crawl which to put it mildly …will be interesting !


I struggled this year trying to get a halloween costume picked and sorted out. There is simply to much choice and the pressure to have a good costume is mind blowing !

However I do believe I have succeeded and gotten myself a excellent yet practical costume 🙂 This year folks I am a ……GIANT BEER BOTTLE ! Yep a beer bottle and its big dammit. Not only does it rock costume wise it is also practical as I will not be freezing my damn ass off due to the sheer size and thickness of said beer bottle …I am old now and my old bones do not handle the cold well ok !

Of course pictures will be put up for all to laugh and poke fun of 🙂

Happy Halloween all and have a safe one !

The Decade to Come …My 10 Year Bucket List

30 10 2008

It has been noted that I am struggling with the whole I am turning or turned 30 today. It has been the first birthday I have ever had major issues with …but whatever I will deal with it I am a tough girl ( as my bones turn to powder and I become OLD !!! )

 So rather the then go down the route of regret for things not done in my 20’s and rather then feeling sorry for myself and coming to the quick realization that I am old I have decided I need to set up a 10 year bucket list. I need a list of things I want to do and accomplish over the next 10 years. Everyone wants different things, everyone wants to experince thrills and spills and so here is my list.

  1. Go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Go to Rio de Janerio for Carnival
  3. Love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally
  4. Find my soul mate and best friend
  5. Go to Africa !
  6. Quit Smoking ( yes I know I have to do this either way )
  7. Run some sort of marathon or half marathon
  8. Learn to row properly and join a team to do it regularly
  9. Go to a NHL hockey Game
  10. Go to a international Rugby match ( yes already done this but loved it )
  11. Buy a home and make a home for myself
  12. …..possibly get married ? lol lol
  13. Go to the Maldives
  14. Show in 3rd level dressage
  15. Buy a second horse primarely for Jumping only ( a boy horse 🙂 )
  16. Go back to Australia and New Zealand

Ok so thats it for now it is a small list and I will add to it I am sure but those are some of the things want to accomplish over the next 10 years if possible

I Want these Shoes !!

2 10 2008

One of my blogging hero’s,  Suburban Mum , recently went to her best friends weddding and was also the photo guru for it as well ( sh eis a photo curu guys I want to steal her to come take random pics of me riding !! ) Anyway one of the pics she took was of her best friends wedding shoes and all I can say is I want them like you would not believe

Firstly they are like the best fall shoes ever secondly my birthday is exactly 29 days away and I will find those shoes to wear on my 30th bday as my way of ringing in the next decade!!!!

( Thanks SM for giving me yet another obsession ! lol)