Cuddly BBC Reporter John Sweeney

16 05 2007

Recently a panorama story aired on the crazies in Scientology ( yes this is my belief they are nut jobs as well as it being a cult by the way crazzzziiiesss ! )

Anyway unfortunately Mr Sweeney , the investigating reporter, had a teeny tiny little outburst with one of the guys from ” the cult” Now to be fair he did lose it ever so slightly but from what I have gathered he had also pretty much been followed 24/7 by the churchs hired goons….even into the bathroom.
It has been reported on the ABC news website and they have people commenting on it ( most saying that the sceintologists are crazies as well) . The below comment made me laugh out loud. I believe it is one of the funnier things I have read in a little while:

” I took a look at his verbal outburst. His was direct and forceful, but controlled. In some cities, that would be considered a hug. Not necessarily cuddly, but a hug none the less. “