Drivers Suck in This Country

21 12 2007

So today I was driving into work on my usual route. I have driven this road all my life. Due to the fact that I live out in the wilds of the country I have to take the main highway ( motorway for the English folk) into Edmonton. I have never really had a problem with this road, never been in ditch, never hit a deer or another car even …always abonus not hitting other cars you know.

So anyway this morning the roads were excellent conditions. There was minimal traffic. There was no ice. It was not snowing and there was no wind. Seriously for winter driving you could not ask for better conditions. Apperantely I was the only person who realised that these were good roads??? Firstly everyone was driving at least 30 km below the limit…IN THE GOD DAMN PASSING LANE ( Dammit that is my biggest pet peeve seriously i yell at these people as I drive by you know ! ) Everyone was on tenter-hooks for some reason. I have no idea why though. Greta the Golf and I were flyin.

Then it got worse….a lot worse. I drove out of one of the satalite towns, Spruce Grove, smack into mayhem. There were 6 yes 6!! cars in the ditch all lined up like neat little matches. Seriously I have no freakin idea how these fools ended up in the ditch. The roads were dry, there was no snow and for sure no black ice. Yet these idiots managed to get there vehicles in the ditch.

I miss British roads in such a big way. People move over when you crawl up there ass. People do not end up in ditches randomly AND the traffic reports rock!!! They are always right and up to date!! Over here they will say something like south bound Anthony Henday right lane accident stay left. When in actual fact it will be North bound left lane !!! So irritating.

Ok I am done now. My rant is finished …until the next fool pulls in front of me for no god damn reason other then they were clearly bored in the other lane and thought ” what the hell lets see if the other lane is less boring ..” FOOLS