I have been sick hence silence …sorry all !

10 12 2008

Yes I have not written in over a week which is a terrible thing but I had the theory that the evil cold I had was going to win the battle with my body and so I went into hibernation …which is fitting really as it is officially bloody winter here now with a foot of snow and minus 30 below on its way this weekend.

Well I was pleasantly and whole heartedly surprised today to find out that my ornaments have arrived in the land down under. So I can now unveil who I had and what I sent.

About 2 months ago I joined in the secret ornament swap the the lovely Julie runs. I was incredibly excited and could not wait for my person to get their secret ornaments ( yes plural due to fact that I sent not one not two but three very Canadian ornaments)

Well Trishgot them !!!!! and added bonus she and her boys loved them !!!! I completely forgot to take pictures of the ornaments so I am stealing the great pic Trish posted on her entry and putting it on here lol


Trish has 3 lovely boys of which 2 are twins. SO I decided to get one ornament for each boy. Also went with a complete Canadian theme. I mean what is more cannuck then moose,polar bears and mounties people !? lol …nothing I tell you ha !

What shocked me even more is …Canada Post! OK so I sent these on December 1st and was told it would take at least 3 weeks to get to Australia which sent me into a tail spin of panic that Trish would not receive them until after Christmas ! Ummmm yeah they got there less then a week and a half later. So I can now no longer complain about the great Canadian postal service. You know that is the second time they have shocked the pants off me in 24 hours actually. 2 days ago the door to our letter box snapped off ( likely in protest to the fridget temps we are now enduring here) . Anyway mum and I had a slight bet that it would be at least 2 weeks before they would repair and we would get no mail….so not the case. They fixed it the next day !? Yeah shocked utterly shocked …G Canada Post I shall never say rude remarks about you again !!!


Ornament Swap Update

6 11 2008

So I now have my secret ornament swap person and needless to say I am extremely excited !!! I read her blog until very late last night and have already decided what I shall be getting her ornament wise !! I am crossing fingers she will like it and love it !! lol lol

Also I know for a fact I have been picked obviously and someone is buying for me so I thought I would say a quick hello to said person!! HI THERE! I have no idea who you are but I hope you do not feel to let down getting little ol slightly nerotic me as your swapper !! 🙂

The ornament swap has all been arranged by this lovely lady !! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this , a brilliant idea and I am so excited now !!

Christmas Ornament Swap !!! OHHHHH !!

14 10 2008

Oh yes the demon has been awoken in me !! It can all be blamed on her completely her fault !!


Anyway last year she did a ornament swap arranged by the lovely lady !! and I thought it was a brilliant Idea …. plus I was secretly jealous !!

So this year I have sent my email off and some lucky person shall be getting a truly canadian ornament ( do not worry it will not involve frozen beaver or moose poop !  it could involve stuffed little polar bears or eskimos though !! lol  )


Ohhh Christmas is coming !!!!!! OHHHHHHH !!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!!!