Only In Quebec…..

14 11 2008

First read the below article taken from the BBC News Website:

Canada frees man too big for jail

In its justification for the early release, the Quebec Parole Board also cited Mr Lapointe’s good behaviour, his non-violent crime and the support of his wife and mother.

Canadian authorities have released a prisoner known as Big Mike who was found to be too fat to fit in his cell.

Michel Lapointe is a convicted drugs gang member arrested in 2006 who weighs 450lb (205kg).

He could not fit on the chair in his Montreal prison cell and his body protruded six inches on either side of his bed, press reports said.

Officials ruled that Lapointe’s prison conditions were “difficult” because of his health.

The Journal de Montreal newspaper quoted a letter from the authorities to Mr Lapointe saying: “You have been detained for more than 25 months and your prison conditions are difficult because of your health.”

They also cited the refusal of two other facilities to accept the 37-year-old, who was handed a five-year sentence in May this year.

Mr Lapointe was freed late on Tuesday.

“I’m going to have a proper bed and finally have a chair I can sit in,” he told the paper outside the prison.

“I want a normal life. I’ve done some stupid things and I’ve paid for them,” he added.



Ok and now I begin my rant against all things that drive me insane …batshit crazy ( that is aside from shitty drivers beer bong men and uneducated buffoons but I digress )

 Please tell me we did not release a proven criminal from a 5 year sentence after serving not even half of it …because he was to fat?! W.T.F?!

You would think that in the 25 months her was there they could have put the fat man on a diet?? Just a thought or were the simply force feeding him Poutine? Were they strapping him down and pouring it down his throat or something. 

I mean seriously its not like this guy was being let on day release to go through the Golden arches drive through to maintain is 450llb weight? So one begs to ask surely he must have lost some weight in those 25 months ? and if he did lose the weight then christ almighty how much did he weigh when he got in there

Of course this all happened in Quebec and well its the french and even worse its the French Canadians ( I know I am putting on my flame suit yet again for poking fun at the frogs sorry …flame away ! ) So I suppose it must be expected of them !

Sweet lord we released a man because he was to fat ?! wrong on sooooo many levels guys !


Obama and his new Generation of Young Politically Minded People

5 11 2008

 I was not going write about the election last night as I know that every other blog out there is doing it and likely doing it well. But I simply could not pass it up.; I knew I had to express how I felt when it came out he had done the impossible and won it ….heavily won it !

 My opinions on Americans is rapidly changing from the view that they are narrow minded right wing nuts ( please realize I am a righty not a lefty in my political views but not exteme righty ) who are afraid of change and afraid of the possibilities someone outside of the box could run their country. I am now beginning to understand that there are Americans in that country that have a brain and have forward thinking abilities.

I have always been a fan of Obama. I believe his becoming president will bring some of the most stable times that country has seen in years. I do not believe the biggest thing about him being voted into the office of president is the fact that he is black. I believe the biggest thing is he is a man who has the forward thinking abilities to understand and recognize that his country needs to pull itself up by its bootstrings understand that there is a big wide world out there and to be players on the world stage that get respect then they need someone like Obama leading them.

His speach raised the hairs on my arms and made me think long and hard about all that he said. It was quite simply one of the most elequent speaches I have ever in my life heard. He made me believe in what he was saying and more importantly he made me believe he will action all that he says

I applaud you America for voting in the right and most qualified man in to the job of leading your country and your nation …..enjoy the ride think it will be a good one !

Do Not Vote Palin In As VP !! I am Begging you !

2 10 2008

So before I go on my Palin rant ( which really will be a rant !! ) I need to tell you a little tid bit about my mum …she is going to kill me for doing this but it is the blog and all goes on the blog !

 It pains me on so many levels to say this ….my mum likes palin ( I just ran to the bathroom poured bleach on my hands for typing that and I am running round the room screaming lalalalalalala!!! its not true!!! ) I want to be adopted out if Palin wins ( not going to happen by the way ) Why mum why ?!


 Ok just finished watching the debate and cringing multiple times. Firstly she started the debate by winking ….yes winking at the camera ..more then once …why??? Because she is actually creepy thats why

Secondly she said that she did not want the USA to have to use outside sources of energy. The reality of todays world is that you will always use ouside energy it is unavoidable. If she were to follow through with this it would screw Canada on so many levels ( did you hear that mum SCREW US !! and me and my job !!) I work in the gas and oil sector so it would directly effect me of course. She said she wanted to use the resources of Alaska and its clean energy, natural gas and oil. Explain to me Mrs Palin how you plan on getting that to your country ……through Canada…cut off the trade we cut off the pipeline lady !

She is just so inexperinced and so creepy and simplyt put the wrong person to be vice president of the United States.

I can only pray that the intelligent voters of the US will ensure she does not get elected to the office of vice President. That they realize the detriment she will be to their country both in there own homeland policies and on the greater scale of the rest of the world. That they will realize that she has no guts behind the bite and she will crumble like a 3 year old at the first sign of major crisis. Why would you want to have that leading your country?

As a side note to those who still think there is something there with her ( you included mum ! ) go onto YouTube and look up her interview with Katie Couric ! She was like a dear in the headlights, unable to answer questions and vasy amounts of avoidance to all questions. If she cannot handle a interview with the know Miss Nice of TV how will she handle poltics on a world wide scale infront of heads of state, foriegn ministers, kinds queens etc …she won’t the simple answer is she will crumble !


PLease vote Obama/Bidden people I am begging you to !

The Disaster that Is Palin

5 09 2008

 Ok I am diving into the scariness that is the US election and the Republican party in general …hang on tight


OH SWEET LORD ABOVE!!  Palin??? Umm hello did McCann take a hit off the crack pipe when he made that decision is my only question??


 Why would you want a woman to be second in command with the following issues floating around her:


  • She wanted books banned from the library when she was mayor I believe, librarians refused, she becomes governor and guess what …bye bye librarians hello censorship!
  • She did not have in her possession a passport until 2 YEARS!! AGO! We are talking about a possibly vice president never traveling the world, never interacting with different cultures and ways of life, of never experiencing different customs first hand…can we all say disturbing together people ?
  • Although she was not a part of the independence for Alaska party her husband was but more to the point she gave speeches to that party? Surely you would not give more then one speech to such an organization if you did not have some sort of belief in what they were attempting to achieve?
  • She recently gave a speech in June on the Iraq war and US led invasion. She stated …… “ It was Gods will we invade Iraq” Oh god hand me a damn bucket so I can throw up
  • Her kids knocked up…. Ok I know this has no bearing on her politics or how she does the job but it does have a reflection on her character and convictions. She has stated very clearly they are a tight knit family valued god fearing family …clear not that tight knit if you 17 year old is sleeping around and now knocked up
  • And finally if she mentions the phrase “Hockey Mum” once damn more I am going to throw my dinner and any other heavy object at the TV



America please gives your head a shake please prove the rest of the world wrong in your abilities to make good decisions and please wake up. Do not elect this women into your office as your vice president, nothing but bad will come of it.


Warning: I am getting Political Here..It may Not Make Sense

16 06 2007

So I have been following what has been going on with Hammas and Fata. For as long as I can remember there has been some sort of internal war going on in the middle east. So it has got to the point that I have actually completely tuned out and lost sympathy for them all.

The latest clash over the last month though did catch my attention. I want to get this straight the public voted in Hammas !!! They chose them and now they are pissed off. Its not like they did not know what Hammas was like, what their ideology was or their past. They put them in that postion they voted that group in. Call me stupid but you vote them in and then you change your minds ??? bit stupid.

But this is what really got me and the main point of my political rant ( my sister is much better at these rants ) Right so Hammas has over thrown Fata. During the week they were throwing Fata party members over the ledges of buildings, they ransacked the Fata offices and then they rounded them up. Marched them out onto the streets. THEN shot them execution style. So let me ask you this? That would be a pretty clear sign to me that they do not like Fata.

So inlight of that this is what they have said as of last night. ” we are willing to work together with Fata” Ok again call me stupid but if you had been thrown off a building chased down streets and then shot execution style would you want to work with them ?? Somehow I think not.

Its the lesser of two evils really Hammas who is religion and Islamist all the way and extremist in everylight or who mass who is the lesser by being well just secular.