I am not a Princess…I just have Princess tendencies …

2 10 2008

OK so I get called a princess….ALOT ! Most people would either be proud of that or offended by that …I am simply indifferent to it really.

 I think though that when people who do not know me call me a princess then I am slightly offended by it.

So I live with my mum right now but I do pay rent ( OK a small amount of rent but it is rent ! ) I help around the property with the yard work in the summer and snow removal/wood chopping in the winter. I try not to take advantage of it but she is just to damn good to me. I am spoiled in the sense that I do have dinner made for me and lunch is normally there for me to take to work the next day, I realize that this is not the norm however it does not make me a princess.

It is assumed because I have this arrangement with my mum that I have never had to live a day in my life by myself …HMMMMMM HELLO !! lived in the UK BY MYSELF for almost 6 years. Rented my own home bought my own car had a career, did my own shopping ( yes indeed I do know how to grocery shop people ) and generally fend for myself

Do I have princess tendencies …of course I do I will not deny that I cannot help it ! I shop endlessly and I do generally get what I want but not in the sense of throwing a fit stomping my feet and dcrying for it …I am far more cunning then that give me some credit please.

I camp but I will not use a outhouse! who wants to use a outhouse. I get dirty and I am not afraid of mud but god dammit there better be a hot shower with expenisve soap and shampoo waiting for me. Yes I get a manicure and pedicure every 2.5 weeks …it is a must have for anyone !!

 So the point of this rant is that yes I have princess tendencies but so does every single women out there. But what I am not is spoilt or lacking in wordly and life experince !

So please do not generalize me and assume something about me as a person if you are not aware of my life and history

Rant done