Back in the " Old Country" and into the " Old Way of Life"

1 06 2007
So I am a very happy lady right now. I have started to ride again ( horses that is ) and I am soooo happy.
My ass is slightly sore but besides that all is ok. I will admit to being very nervous when I got on to Coco ( I did not name this horse she came with it and I actually feel so sorry for her lol ) but once I gained my feeling back nerves went away and it just felt wicked. So I took some pictures.

Now you can’t see it but at this point there is s slight look of terror in my eyes

Not so terror ridden now and amazingly very comfortable !

looking HOT !! lol lol Thunder is the moose int he background. Will be ridding him on Sunday. Please note the height difference between him and little Miss Coco ….. and then pray for my life ha !