Rowing Training Update

18 11 2008

Ok so you know I wrote out the middle life crisis I turned 30 and the end of the world is coming list bucket list and that I started one of my items ,rowing !

Well here is a little update and possible sympathy post lol lol. I have changed my workout routines so that they are more geared to enhance my cardio and stamina plus muscle build up to match the rowing I want to do in the new year.,

Welllll let me tell you firstly my upper body which includes: my shoulders, upper back, upper arms, lower arms, hands, finger and boobs are all numb from the constant rowing. Numb to the point that I swear I am just a set of 36″ legs walking around freely.

I am rowing consistently 6 miles a day 3 -4 days a week. That’s a min of 18 damn miles a week people! On top of the weight training and endless back extensions. Now that being said the added bonus is that I have lost 5.5 pounds in 2 weeks just from starting up this new routine , the downside is if I keep obsessing like I am I will end up with shoulders like some eastern European women wrestler …not overly attractive

What Is also not attractive is the 17 shades of purple I am at the end of each rowing session and the fact that I lack any sort of coordination which makes for getting off the tiny rowing machine a constant source of amusement for the fellow gym goers . I swear to you they are all standing at the windows to see if I am coming in. When they do see me they are jump around gleefully thinking that they have at least 35 minutes of entertainment on its way to them !

All in all I am sticking to it and rather enjoying it AND MAYBE once I am in the rowing club there could be single eligible men there as well …. see there is sooo a silver lining to everything and another motive in the same breath lol lol