I have a Obsession With …..

14 11 2008

This one is going to throw you guys …its a odd and peculiar obsession and one I have forever and ever !

I have a obsession with penguins and Hippo’s…yep waddling little birds and man eating river beasts. I cannot help it, I see one or the other and my little girl heart melts and I just cooo endlessly with a pure look of contentment on my face …sorry its weird but that’s me , deal with it.

If I could have a pet penguin or a pet baby hippo I do believe my life couldĀ very possibly be complete. I would so name the penguin Percy and he would likely live in my bath tub ( which is completely normal people penguins love bath tubs OK !?) and I would feed him endless supplies of mackerel ( the really stink fish of the water world )


If I could have a pet baby ( I say baby due to the fact that a full grown adult would crush me with his massive death and play with the dead broken body lol ) hippo his name would be Harry ,….. I am still debating as to where I would have him live but I do know I would totally write Coach and have them make him a dog style harness hippo sizedĀ  ( coach being my mecca for all things handbag,scarf AND strangely pet collar related) He would be the hippest most fashion forward hippo


Yep so there you go I am strange I obsess about penguins and hippo’s and hell yes I am single ….its all becoming very clear now I think